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  1. Thanks for your answers. Thanks LittleMe Jewell for that web I think now I understand it... ish lol. And finally, does it exist any substancial difference between maitreya, slink and etc? Or are they just alternatives for the same product? Thanks all.
  2. Hi there. Well I'd beg a little bit patience please lol cause i am still novice about shapes and skins and mesh and that stuff. So this is my question ¿Why does my shape always look like er... so polygonal? I don't remember very well how I got it, but it's certainly a freebie or really cheap shape that I got somewhere else. I know basic shapes just give you that, basic quiality, but trouble is that I did bought some new demo shapes from store, because I wanted to get a better shape, and I got confused when I realised that those new shapes (demos) had the same quite polygonal aspect. So I was afraid to buy a new shape for nothing, because I thing those new shapes will have the same problem. So is this a matter of skin? is it the shape? is it my viewer? I am not looking so realistic high detailed shapes that take half salary away from you, just one that doesn't look so polygonal like my current basic shape. I've been spying (lol) other girls around, and realised that some of them seem to have the same aspect. But others look so amazing damn! :b for example this one: So what do you suggest me to do?
  3. Thank you for answering. Of course LL are able to know they control everything hehe. But as long as I am not bothering or griefing anyone I think there is no problem ( I know people that use the same just for griefing and troll other people and avoid ban) And I did not say anything to owners I am using two avis because I was afraid of being ejected if they found out. I think it may or may not happen, each sim owner may have different point of view about that.
  4. Hi guys Sometimes I log in with two accounts simultaneously: my brother's and mine. He allowed me to do it (his avi is awesome :b) so I can rp with two different characters with other people. I'd like to know if sim owners or admins can find out that those two avis belong to the same person (for the ip, any SL software etc) Thanks.
  5. Suelo abrir sesion con la cuenta de mi hermano y la mia en mi pc. Queria saber si el admin de un sim tiene algun medio para darse cuenta que los dos avis pertenecen a una misma persona. Gracias
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