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  1. Thanks for your answers. Thanks LittleMe Jewell for that web I think now I understand it... ish lol. And finally, does it exist any substancial difference between maitreya, slink and etc? Or are they just alternatives for the same product? Thanks all.
  2. Hi there. Well I'd beg a little bit patience please lol cause i am still novice about shapes and skins and mesh and that stuff. So this is my question ¿Why does my shape always look like er... so polygonal? I don't remember very well how I got it, but it's certainly a freebie or really cheap shape that I got somewhere else. I know basic shapes just give you that, basic quiality, but trouble is that I did bought some new demo shapes from store, because I wanted to get a better shape, and I got confused when I realised that those new shapes (demos) had the same quite polygonal as
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