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  1. @twilk14 Best of luck to finding what you want and need in SL. Me, I'm just seeking a few good male friends without benefits or looking for a permanent girlfriend or wife.
  2. Lillith & Lindal, thank you to both of you for responding to my plea for help. Yesterday, I was able to log in and thought the issue was resolved, I was wrong when I tried to log in again a few hours ago, could not, same "fail to log in" issue. Came here to check replies. Saw the link, I took Nalates Urriah "Trouble shoot connection" advice; that is not the issue. I opened a tech support case yesterday. Thanks again! : )
  3. Thank you for the link to what I needed. Rebooted and refreshed router & modem signals, did not work.
  4. I need tech support. No issue logging in until a few hours ago. SL website log in no problems, SL viewer I get "log in failure". My account is not on hold, banned, or suspended. User name and pw correct. Checked caplock, not the issue. I changed my pw word to resolve issue, did not work. I restarted pc, problem not solved. HELP PLEASE! Because I tried all suggested fixes on this forum but nothing worked.
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