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  1. Thank you Alwin for your info. I will have a look at the other bodies. Dominic.
  2. I was afraid of getting an answer like that... Oh well, it's too bad. It's a nice avatar but finding clothes for it like a muscle shirt is just impossible. The HUD is not too bad but it needs more defined alpha cuts. Thank you ChinRey
  3. Hi, I purchased a mesh avatar from Signature called Anthony. Now I would like to know how to import this mesh body into Blender so I can make some clothes that fits. I already have Avastar but when I export my avatar (as .XML) and import it into Blender the body doesn't look the same at all. I think its importing the default SL shape. I'm guessing it's because my new avatar is only a skin and I don't have modify rights... Any suggestions? Thank you, Dominic.
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