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  1. I'm heading to TMD today actually but I've never heard of Men Only Monthly so I'll have to check that out. I did see pictures of the Gianni and thought they did have a very similar shape, the alpha cuts are a huge help in making stuff fit if the shape is a little off unlike the slink body which I wanted to just scream at. I found some awesome mesh sneakers at a store called Kokoia which I found on the MP and they had Belleza size. Second I love your flickr, I instantly followed! I now have to head to Mina Hair because Myrtle looks like it might be something I like and also Bad at Love from
  2. Hair is such a pain. My avi wears long hair but not the kind you see in all the stores ya know the one that's kinda either rocker or quite native american it's too long. I'll try grabbing demos and testing out this slink feet theory! I never thought of trying!
  3. Also if you do decide to get a mesh head and body Stray Dog has some very pretty asian appliers for them.
  4. Last skin I saw that they added at the applier store on Glam Affair II was one that came out at the events in April. They sometimes wait and put a bunch up from the last few months all in one go. If it was an applier it'll be at Glam Affair II, my sis in law is waiting for them to put up Karina I think it's called because she wants a lighter tone.
  5. Okay so I have no clue if this is the right forum to post this but I'm trying to find recommendations for clothing and shoes for the Belleza Jake body. Mostly Shoes I need sneakers badly but want to know all the good places to get stuff. I went to GAS and they had a few things but yeah I can't seem to find many yet except them and Fashionatic. I have done a search for mens clothing in the SL search but it was taking me to places that had old mesh clothing and barely anything for mesh bodies. Any help would be appreciated.
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