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  1. I wonder if this has anything to do with international gambling laws getting stricter.. Its a shame but a welcomed change on my end. I am tired of losing thousands for rolls that are scripted common content. I'd rather just pay 1k-2k for the whole set and just leave it at that.
  2. Sorry, I tried to but my English is not the greatest and I've been too busy to reply.
  3. You are mistaken, I am nowhere talking about using alt-codes in "usernames" only display names.
  4. I think the overall post concept is going over everyone's head... this isn't about special, cursive looking names. This is just about expanding on the symbol table that is already in the platform..
  5. Agree to disagree, there is a reason we have usernames and the display names. 😀 thanks for your input but that type of solution is already known.
  6. Yes, I am new to the forums and don't quite know how to navigate them yet 😞
  7. I am bringing this to light (again) and are going to be putting an official suggestion onto the table once again as I am aware many have probably done before. The Alt-Code Table has a variety of symbols that are both stylish and attractive for creativity. Personally I would like to put daggers ( † Alt-0134) at the beginning and end of my name with normal font. I believe and suggest that Linden Labs bring the alt-code table into SL and add more availability for certain symbols. There isn't a lot but there isn't too little. PS: For special fonts, I believe there should be a floating translation bubble that breaks down the special font and makes it readable.
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