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  1. Thanks for the fast reply Chic. Yes, I only use one texture for whatever object I am meshing, it's a bit simplier for me personally that way. I haven't tried giving different faces their own textures as you suggested but I see why that might help. And you're right, I'm sort of running things on High but I don't think I've reduced any setting that would reduce the quality of the Diffuse. I still see plenty of things in the game with beautiful, crisp, HD textures, so I was led to believe that I must be doing something wrong somewhere.
  2. Hello, I have been meshing for a few months now and I generally use Substance Painter for my texturing. It works well, except I experience severe texture quality loss when uploading the textures to SL and I would appreciate any help. Some details below: My textures are always png. I generally texture at a 4k resolution in Substance Painter, then export as 2k or 1k for Second Life. Through my experimenting I've found this works better than texturing at a lower resolution, or uploading in a lower resolution... Naturally. Also, in Substance Painter my diffuse is rendered from the 2d viewport (That's generally what is recommended for SP texturing). Here is an axe I recently textured in Substance Painter: And this is how it looked on SL: I understand that all quality cannot be retained but this seems like a bit too lossy in my opinion, is there something I might be doing wrong? I've looked at the textures after exporting them, and I can confirm that it's specifically SL that ruins the quality. I use Firestorm. I do not have lossy texture compression enabled nor restrict maximum texture quality.
  3. Hello, I've recently gotten into 3d modeling (Blender) and texture painting (Substance Painter), and I'm having some difficulties. I want to learn how to bake lights in Substance Painter for the objects I make in Blender. When I make textures, it looks good in Substance Painter while I'm on the Materials view channel and you can see how the lights reflect on all the metals, woods, seams etc, but then when I export the textures, the diffuse (base color) texture looks very flat and dull. I do also bake a normal and specular texture but this doesn't change the fact that the exported diffuse texture seems to be unusually dull. I've watched tutorials, and learned that the way to do this in Substance Painter is to add a baked lighting filter in the layers panel - which should bake some lighting/detail onto the diffuse texture. I followed this tutorial here but it didn't really work for me. The baked lighting filter only makes my object slightly darker or lighter but doesn't add any real detail or lighting like it does in the video. Most of the sliders like the vertical and horizontal angle for the sun don't work for me. Any advice? I would really be grateful
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