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  1. How can I find out what fonts are accepted for display names other than the standard font?
  2. how do you add the calling card of a friend to your profile? I have this but I must be doing it wrong: <icon>icon_name</icon> Where do I add their name in that?
  3. It took me awhile but I finally figured it out with your help. Thank you
  4. I just got a premium account. It says one of the benefits is having access to live chat? How do I access live chat?
  5. I have been considering getting a premium account for a long time now. But what is stopping me is where I hear that if you don't renew it, you're account is frozen. So, I don't want to loose my account but what if in a year from now, I want to go back to a basic account? Also, I remember hearing that LL was going to add new style of homes, what happened there? Thank you
  6. The 50% off membership has caught my eye. I read where they are going to have homes with new designs. I really don't like the current homes. So, my question is...If I join today and take advantage of the deal, will I get a chance to change homes, if I like one of the new designs?
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