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  1. Thank you Aquila Kytori for your kind help. I found interesting the difference of situations according to the size of the object, thank you. In this case it is a very simple but large geometries, so I imagine that is it the cause. Today I have problems loging in second life (in addition to some problems of my connection wifi > _ <), I have a bit intuition of something and I want to do a test, tomorrow if I can, if it works I will share the idea here. Thanks again!
  2. I was wondering if there are ways to upload with less prims, I made an object of only three primitives modified in blender, then exporting it to second life, and according to the size it occupies in the scene, it has a total weight of 80,, I would like Know if there is already some thread talking about this topic, about tricks or ways of exporting less weight on the scene. thanks!.
  3. thank you very much Aquila Kytori :v !! It is just what I needed, I had been looking for a long time >_<. Works also with the textures, thanks! (:
  4. hi, i have INFP personality and Im a bit aspie and shy, i like: blender3d, paint, cats, nature, art, 80s 90s manga, music (various styles: indie, electronica, bosanova, jazz, vaporware,,), weird films (films as donnie darko, memento, coherence, melancholia, the cube, the thirteenth floor 12monkeys, taxidriver,,) in sl sometimes i like to be a cat, Im not looking for a couple or similar topics (and not voice, cam,,) im asexual in rl and sl, but nfortunately I am a very sensitive and sentimental person (BUT no no no, I do not seek to fall in love, >_< never never never!) i would like to know if they are someone who feels a bit indentified, I find pleasant to talk (chat) with adults (30,40,50,,) I really appreciate people who are calm and honest, I find interesting people who feel different.
  5. The scene fills me with many materials and textures, (because it is a prepared scene in which I want to go to work all the tests and new objects,) then comes a moment that is filled with many materials, textures, brushes, and becomes confused and not very comfortable, then although I press X icon, to delete materials and textures, they continue to appear when displaying the list to select material or texture. What would be the correct way to empty the scene of that information?
  6. Hi Leander, if you want to talk about vegan food, weird movies (memento, 12monkeys style,,) 3d blender, philosophical theories, or whatever you want to talk,, then here you have someone delighted to talk with you. a hug.
  7. Hello, Im learning blender and I am starting to be a builder. I would like to meet other builders. If you want IM me. Thanks.
  8. Ok, solution when making the link, the last object selected before making the link was not material >>> then all objects became non-material. so I have created a material cube, I have selected one by one the objects and then selected the material cube, then I made link, and this to transformed the objects into materials-objects again (the option of immaterial had been stuck without being able to select, But with this form you can redo material physical objects again)
  9. I am creating an object that has more than eight material IDs, so I was forced to split it into several separate mesh, so I have the following problem: By linking various objects with physics, they become phantoms and lose physics. Is there any way to do it? thanks!
  10. Thanks Chic Aeon! It works thanks to your help! Thank you so much for responding so quickly. his is very helpful to me, thank you very much!
  11. Hello everyone. I am using the official viewer. for more easy I have generated a separate file (with many simple cubes) as a physical file, so original mesh + physical mesh file (with a lot of simple mesh box) but it does not work well that way, I do not know what the problem is.. please help, hanks!
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