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  1. Thank you! I'll see what I can do. I wanted to get a house, buy land, etc, that's why lol. But yes, there's a lot to do! I'm still a newbie though. You're right. <3
  2. I want to go premium and get started in SL but I need a credit card and I don't have one (I tried Paypal and other web sites and I still need one). I know I can't use a debit card, so I wonder if I can use my savings account and if I can, where I find the info on how to proceed (I'm not in the US). Please tell me if I have other options if it isn't possible. Thank you
  3. I try to log in and a window pops up saying something might be wrong with my network configuration and security server configuration. Do u get the same message??
  4. Oh, and what happens if you need to pay and you don't use your real name here (such as Lixi coz it's not a full name).
  5. Hello! Well, I'm new in SL (2 weeks old, still learning) and I want to buy 850 lindens but I don't own a credit card, so I thought I could use Paypal BUT I still need a credit card... What can I do? Thank you <3 Lixi.
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