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  1. It's not just the pool that's wet at the Monarchy. ♥ The girls are waiting excitedly for you to play their dirty guessing game while they cool down in the pool. There's sexy prizes to win as well. Come by, bring your friends, it's Open Access Sunday! > Taxi <
  2. Sundays are OPEN ACCESS - Bring your friends! ♥ And everyone that hasn't been at The Monarchy yet, come and meet us! ♥
  3. SUNDAY, 6th AUGUST 10 AM - 4 PM (SLT) OPEN ACCESS The end of summer is near! To enjoy the last sun streams our babes got into their sexiest beach wear and prepared a pool party for you! Don't miss this opportunity and join them in some wet & wild fun! Relax at the pool with our babes, watch them dance or play ball, enjoy a bubbly glass of champagne and don't forget your sunglasses, because the view is going to be hot. ♥ ONLY @ THE MONARCHY For questions contact "colddust" or "syren.larnia" on Second Life.
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