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  1. As the title implies don't visit Sansar yet, they have a lot of bugs to fix. I watched some of the videos yesterday, and I avoided it. I knew everyone was going to be rushing to get in. I heard from some friends that they waited over an hour for each experience. I logged in and made my avatar around 11pm est last night, and it wasn't bad then. Most experiences only took about 10 minutes to get into, and everyone was super nice. I learned a bit from other people, and had fun exploring with f4. I made a new friend and we explored a few places and had good conversation to. Unfortunately there is a lot missing, especially for non vr users. You can't click or touch anything, and you can't open doors. This is going to be a big problem, as I am sure most of the people with their average computers, can't handle the demands that vr brings. My computer can handle it thankfully, but vr headsets make me feel dizzy and sick. This morning I logged in and wanted to meet up with some friends, but that was not happening for any of us. It took us each an hour to get in one experience. People were very rude, and we continually crashed. One person in my group had his computer overheat, and couldn't return. Something that really bothered me and a friend of mine is the lack of other types of avatars. If LL is going to make this experience, they must give people a better demographic of different avatars to chose from. I know that LL discriminates and does not care for non human avatars, but they should. Second Life is made up of mostly non human avatars. As a furry myself I felt kind of upset that I was forced to be a human in Sansar. I really hope that later on down the road people will make better and more diverse avatars for us to purchase. But for now LL won't get any of my money. They really need to add more interface to allow people to change network and graphic settings. As time goes on I am sure people will make more user friendly viewers, and the experiences will become less time consuming to get into. They also need to give people who don't use vr the ability to touch, move, and enjoy the experience as others can. My main issue though is that you cannot report, or even whisper people unless they are right there with you. Luckily my friends have Skype so we could talk and communicate that way. Luckily we figured out that you can report people through our external browsers, and we each reported about 10 people this morning. With a good thorough explanation I am sure each one of those people will be spending some good quality time away from Sansar. Overall it is an ok experience, that I think will get better as time goes on.
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