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  1. This issue has existed for six months now. Is there a reason why it's taking so long to fix? And is there any estimate to when we will receive a fix? I am capable of "fixing" my photos in Photoshop (and have been, for six months) but it often involves guesswork which can take anywhere from ten minutes to over an hour to fix, depending on the severity and placement of the glitch. And the result is often sloppy. But not everyone has Photoshop or the means necessary to "fix" their photos. I have seen people lose hours of work, creating beautiful photos only to discover the glitch in the editing process because everything in their snapshot window looked correct, resulting in otherwise wonderful, but ultimately unusable photos. Do fixes like this get put on hold until there is a substantial number of other new features (and/or other bug fixes) to warrant an update? Is LL beyond the point of providing minor updates just to include bug fixes? In this case, a bug which also affects other viewers (such as Firestorm, meaning Firestorm has to hold off on updating until LL fixes this, I assume). I mean, at some point, a decision was made that it was ok for Second Life users to live with this for six months (and counting) rather than using whatever resources it would take to push out an update. I don't mean to sound ungrateful or demanding - I am just curious about the process and motivation behind the decisions (or lack thereof). I know it's not exactly a "game-breaking" bug, but it does severely impact the usefulness and enjoyment for a pretty large number of users. I've never used software that has let a bug as significant as this exist for so long without fixing it, and I am just curious to know more about the process.
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