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  1. I am just looking for a rp type but its ok im in no hurry.
  2. I am partialt sighted and I love faresca peacekeppers I world love to rp one in sl and its training as a peace keeper.
  3. How can somone make there eyes wide shut?. I would love to be a stiper but I havent the lindends for mesh yet, and I never use my bank card etc over the internet, and I can not find my headset, and I do not like to cam and I am from scotland uk gmt timezone, and whanting to be a sucessfull escort some day, any idears where to start?
  4. Don't worry I am going to upgrade my avj, my fav show is secret diary of a call girl and I would love to rp belle, and I am taking it more seriously now than before, only in SL, I would love to learn to emote better so I can earn lindens I want to be height class and I am a bit bad at emoting, I mean I do know how to do it. I can't find my headset and I think cam is dangerous, I never use credit or debit cards throught SL I do have them but I prefer to use pre paid visa cards work for me but I can't allways get one, yes I am 37 year old from, Scotland UK timezone.
  5. I wouldn`t use my rl name I can make myself and cover up my identity. I know what you mean.
  6. I am loosing weight 11st 2 just now I think it is best to look good they pay more, I'm 36yr old from Scotland uk, I have a strong Scottish accent, I have a few questions why I can only do a set times, I'm not so good at empting and I keep rl and sl separate, I'm not so good at emoting but I'm getting there, I don`t use voice because I'm stating with my parent but I am 35 long story but I would love to be a cam girl, keep this safe and discreet so my parents don`t find out and family for now, so maybe someone could help me become an cam girl I don`t have a mesh body yet, but I do have one on my main profile, so I'm thinking to leave my family type rping stuff for now if I need to, unless I can get someone to help me get clients, People say I'm good looking, got an athletes figure I'm getting back into shape for that. so maybe someone can help me become a cam girl in sl?
  7. I made a new profile for only for the cam sites and cam in sl, my alt is preciouse2016.
  8. if seen girls perform cam shows and sell them in sl and I don`t know how they do it, well once I loose weight it will look better.
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