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  1. If you're a guy this should not be a problematic scenario; you should already know the answer to this question. If you're a gal looking to roll a guy avatar, then go with Aeros. As for which one just go with whichever one sparks your fancy the most.
  2. "Contract with society" - there is no such thing. I am In the United States, so that is where my points of reference come from. In the U.S. the Supreme Court has ruled against this idea on last year, if I recall correctly (may have been 2016) - a.k.a. "The right of association is part of the first amendment" (Boys Scouts organization right to deny (discriminate against) homosexual scout leaders) and "a privately-owned company is held close to the vest and as such the beliefs of those owners can be enforced throughout and within that company. (Cannot be required by law to provide certain services, a.k.a. abortions, when that practice is against their beliefs (suit against Obamacare))" Yes: I do paraphrase here.
  3. Sure, though not proven in court as anything LGBT-themed have not been added to the official list in the united states. Only Congress can do that, and they don't dare as the Bible belt (most of the country between the coasts) would have heads roll. But that is neither here nor there. In the end it comes down to this: Shared space I am required to be inclusive. In private space, I have every right to be exclusive. "My house, my rules" - and in SL the TOS does allow for this as it generally mirrors RL: If you rent an apartment (pay for a private sim) then you can discriminate all you ever want. I am not advocating for or against this scenario, I am only explaining the way it is. LOL
  4. I've used the Wardrobe thing and for me, it's a pig in a poke. Actual answer for the OP: Mesh Outfitter HUD - easy to set up and use: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/EF-3-Mesh-Outfitter/9924463 As for the photos option: it's just that: optional. I don't use that myself, so the argument of 10L per picture is a moot one, just FYI. Grab the demo and try it out. Way easier and faster to setup than Wardrobe (which is great if you have like 15K clothing items in your inventory) and it's a lot newer, too.
  5. It's all about this (quoted). People who bring up the whole discrimination subject have the subject wrong half the time. If it is a shared place or entity: meaning we ALL contribute in some way; for the government, it's the paying of taxes, for example, there should be zero discrimination. In the case of a publicly-accessible commercial venture, then the laws against discrimination apply and in the U.S. sexual orientation is not among those criteria (gender and skin color is, but nothing regarding behavior and sexual orientation is a behavior). However, when it comes to private entities, locations, etc: the one who owns it has every right to "discriminate" in any way they see fit, including those criteria the law forbid in public places. So here is my hypothetical: If I pay for a sim and I say you may not come into it because your nose is too big and you have green eyes then get lost. @OP: You have it right that my private home or property is mine to control. It is the same in SL: Linden Lab is the government. If I rent a sim from them then I have full ownership control over it. It's the same thing if you rent an apartment in RL, the landlord has no say over your access control. Even if you own your home: you do not. Stop paying the taxes on it and see what happens. SL is no different from this;
  6. When all you have is the written word any mood, attitude, the personality you get from is it 95% your own personal injection of feeling. What I see in SL are a lot of people who are not that great at communicating; saying what they really mean and meaning what they really say. What I see are a lot of disillusioned people, disappointed people, hurt people, people whom have experienced something they wish not to repeat so they tend to be rather guarded and jaded. I see many profiles that come off as rude and harsh, for example," Read this before you dare IM me..." and so on. This does not make a rude or mean person, this makes a hurt person whose walls have been thrown up tall and thick. Even these people are friendly and nice if you actually make a fair attempt to find out. You see, to most in SL this is not a "game" - and because of there are a lot of people who were really and genuinely hurt by others. And when that happens, well, you get the idea. As for pettiness, yes, depending on the context of the scenario there are a lot of petty people in SL. But "petty" is not a bad word.
  7. The lag" between animations is the AO scripts loading the next animation. It can happen in script-laggy places where the server is lagging on running scripts (note that I don't mean the land parcel you are on: on private estates there are four sims to a server, on mainland sims there are ten to a server - if one of those OTHER sims is sucking all the juice out of the server, it can affect the sim you're on). This is not just a Zhao II issue, I've seen it on Vista and Sinse HUDs also, especially if the next animation is a long one with a lot of movement. Based on your description it sounds like the places you are visiting may have a lot of os script-counters and checkers (you know those dum-bass "Name has XX scripts using XX memory!!!11!1!" - THOSE are causing half the script lag in the sim. Go figure.
  8. I refer to it as "Retail Version" - in my demo descriptions I also specify "This is a demo version and may not reflect all current features of the retail version". I agree that "full version" is a misnomer at best and just plain sounds tacky. OH, I misunderstood the OP. I thought you were meaning what to say in your descriptions. As for the little link that bounces back and forth between pages: I concur that "Get full version" isn't the best.
  9. Only scofflaws are outlaws for bumping threads which is AGAINST THRE LAWZ! ...oops. Bwhahaha! UR Wlcm
  10. I am curious why a photographer would need a working knowledge of the full Adobe suite. I am professional graphic designer and photographer in my day job; it's what I do. And though I am an expert with the said full Adobe suite, I hate it and have successfully eliminated every bit of Adobe, except for InDesign, from my workflow. I'm not trying to dump on Adobe (even though it deserves it LOL) - I am genuinely curious why the knowledge is necessary when there are far better tools available. Does the photographer position require simultaneous editing (team-edit) on Adobe documents created by the editors or something? Because anything you can do in Photoshop I can do ten times faster and better with other software. Just inquiring, thanks.
  11. The issue is that LL doesn't take down anything unless someone requests it/reports it. The issue is that someone browsing MP and seeing your stuff, not being very educated on what copyright is and how it works (as this is not an I.P. issue, it's a copyright issue) - had reported your listing as violating copyright. LL comes in, takes it down - they don't check whether it is or not. I had a Life 2/XeoLife six-pack of beer on MP and someone reported that it was an ADULT ITEM (!) - and guess what: it was unlisted fro being improperly rated. :\ Put them up again. At the top of your description include that fact that these are the PUBLIC DOMAIN versions from the original AIW book and illustrations. Then, hopefully, some dullard will not come along a report it thinking it's a Disney creation. Hell, Disney is evil: 95% of all their "intellectual property" is based on Public Domain stuff.
  12. Mod or no-mod is relative and depends on the context the way I see it: A vehicle, furniture, buildings, etc.: Absolutely must be mod or no sale. Some things I'll go for that are no mod, but I have to *really* want it. Most clothing is okay, but I still prefer mod so I can add to it, customize it, recolor it, etc. BUT here is an abofeckingly definite no sale: No demo? No sale, no way, no how, go jump in the lake. Either provide a demo or a place in the world where I can see it to inspect it. If it's something usable (example: vehicle) I must be able to drive it or otherwise use it. As for no-copy items? I never buy those. Ever. Obviously, I speak for myself, though I do suspect I also speak for the majority of others who have been in SL for more than two or three years. Just been burned way too many times.
  13. Go through each outfit and remove each piece one at a time (or do it in reverse and put on each piece one at a time) and watch your AC score. Most often it is ONE THING that jumps you from 100k to 400k. I've run into this myself. I was averaging 65k AC than when I put on a "simple" mesh watch: BOOM! 372k. Needless to say, I don't wear that watch anymore. So for those outfits, you love a lot - piecemeal them together to see where the AC culprit it.
  14. The review system is a joke anyway. People don't get it; they think it's some kind of way to give feedback to the creator rather than share your actual experience for potential buyers to evaluate. But I digress. My own review system (when I leave reviews) goes like this: 3 stars are average: neither impressed nor unimpressed, basically indifferent. 4 means I really like what I got and 5 is where I feel I especially got more than I expected. I always try to answer these (and maybe a few more) questions: Is it what is advertised? Is it worth what I paid for it? Is the quality what I expected? Is the documentation (where applicable) well-written, complete, and understandable? Is the creator approachable and helpful (where applicable)
  15. I looked at that Normie on MP, more important than the price is that it is also MODIFY. I know of Utilizator - he's always had the right idea, he gets it. All his stuff is modify, I just wish he'd make more stuff that isn't so anime (I love anime myself, just not looking to role play that as an avatar LOL) Perhaps that Normie head is the first step.
  16. It goes into your trash folder. Smart that you discard unknown, unrequested items, especially from newbies.
  17. On your Market Place, there is a "Test Delivery" button, you should use it. It will deliver to you as though you have just purchased it. As for your question: YES. If you delete something, add something, even just edit something (like a notecard) inside your Market Place Listings box then hit redelivery: whatever changed you made will be delivered. Also, in the case of multiple versions - you know how it's kind of funny how it is two folders deep for your stuff in your listings (in world listings)? Because that second level folder is the one that is actually delivered and you can have more than one. You can create a new folder for the product - another copy. Though you'll want to name these in a way that you can remember which is which. Then you select which is the "Active" one. The Active one is the one that will be redelivered. This is good for updating (major updates, obviously) and still keeping the old version around in case anything goes wrong. If a problem is found with your new update, you can make the older version active again and redeliver - it's a "way out" in case something gets messed up. Always make and keep backups of everything.
  18. If you're using Firestorm viewer then use the MOVE LOCK function. If you're using LL viewer then you can get a MOVE LOCK HUD inexpensively. I'll not go into details about what it is or how it works (4 AM in the morning me, still waking up) other than to say: It locks you down and no one can push you. Others can tell you how to turn it on in Firestorm if they're inclined. The old-fashioned way is to sit on something, anything. While seated no one can push you, unless it is a vehicle that turns physical when you sit on it.
  19. Understatement. Especially HUDs. Things that are rezzed are no big deal because they are usually Copy, but HUDs you wear and when worn it is the same as rezzing. If it comes in a box I always create a folder called "Backup" into the folder where it unpacks to and puy that box there. If it doesn't come in a box (a loose folder is given from a vendor or Market Place) the first thing I do is created a folder called Backup and COPY everything into that folder *before* a wear a HUD for the first time. I do not want to sound condescending, I explain this simply because a lot f people just never thought to do it.
  20. Common topic. I choose mainland and for this specific reason: I purchase the parcel and pay Linden Lab my land use fees. It costs less than renting and *I* am 100% in control, no one can tell me what I can or cannot do, no one can evict me, other than LL. As for paying Land Use Fees: A lot of "landlords" like to proclaim, "But you can pay in L$!!!" - Well, so can I. I simply sell a few L$ for $ U.S. credit and ensure there is enough to pay the fee every month. Costs a LOT LESS L$ to do it that way than rent from any landlord. Oh, and *anyone* can buy land. Sure, to buy land for yourself you have to be a Premium subscriber. OR: you can create an alt, create a group of two, then shop for land and choose "Buy for Group" - all you need do is contribute the proper tier to the group. So my group owns 2587 square meters (groups get a bonus) which is in the 2048 Tier, which is $15 a month. 4000L$ converts to $15.07 as I write this. So I am essentially paying L$4000 for 2048 M2 per MONTH. Know any landlords renting that much space for only L$1000 a week? Edit to add: As for any ugly crap floating around? Right-click, choose DERENDER. Done.
  21. It contributed nothing to the thread, which makes it snarky. *Laughs*. You have my permission to take the last word on the subject. See what I did there? I was being funny, though, to everyone else, I suspect it will be considered snarky.
  22. I'll answer the above quote to make my point: If I don't do the "family thing" in SL or hang around them, why on earth would I allow an SL kid into my home or parcel? I am clearly speaking at a different intellectually-cognitive level than many. So I'll just leave things as they are, because, after all, no one else's opinion really means anything to everyone else. It's all opinion. Nothing anyone can say or do will affect me and what I do on my land and vice-versa; the same for you. The question was asked. On a "legal" level what I describe is how it would clearly be ruled. But there's nothing about legal or law here, rather it's all in how Linden Lab interprets what they wrote themselves and how they enforce it. My explanations have been based on what was written along with real, live, "in-person" discussions with several Lindens at the time these updates were inserted into the TOS (a.k.a. Around the time they introduced the Zoindra zone and dropped PG and added Adult ratings). Admittedly, that was also a long time ago and newer Lindens (high turnover at the company) may not be as cognitive about it as the oldbies were, so a different answer may result. So be it. Though in short, where a question about policy is involved, the best answer will always come from the Lindens, Hence such should be posed to them. User forums are simply an opinion-exchange amongst users, generally-speaking, though a Linden may contribute, once every great while. I wish cheers to all!
  23. I am the one it was quoted to. My argument is simple: It refers to advertising and anything in the open and is publicly visible and accessible. There have been a lot of direct discussion with the Lindens about this when they removed the PG version of rating and created the Adult rating. This question was asked a lot. For legal reasons it is phrased the way it is. The TOS is generally a restrictive document, meaning in it they generally explain what you cannot do. So read it again, the context is pretty clear and nowhere does it restrict private parcels; it clearly refers to open access. It refers to what I can see out my windows, not what anyone can see into them. Either way, it is a moot question in the long run, as we all throw our opinions around. If you want an official answer then ask the Lindens. Simply file a support ticket, they will answer it.
  24. The benefit of the doubt is always nice. Though this aspect of group management is not the default. The group owner had to actively choose to turn on group liabilities. @OP: If you know which group it is, I recommend to leave it.
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