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  1. I am interest in the possibility of RPing with you. I have a human male avatar and I enjoy RP very much. My available times are usually between 7PM and 10PM except on weekends where I am usually more flexible. Let's chat more and see where it takes us?
  2. - I can only remember a few times where I didn't get on SL for a planned thing and I did let the other person know. When I originally started posting on this thread I mentioned that one or two RP partners got upset if I didn't log in after only a few days with no plans made in game. They took it beyond upset and actually griefed me over it. That is why I feel the way I feel. I still let people know if I can't make it to a scheduled event. I'm just not going to put up with any negativity regarding my real life sometimes getting in the way of everyday SL play time. Otherwise I agree. I
  3. I always make it clear that I want only RP within SL. I am very happy with my life even being single. I am not looking for love online. I have tried that in the past and just doesn't work nor give me the feelings I desire. I always let people know if I may or may not be around. I can't help if a female RP partner agrees to carry on RP only, knowing that I want nothing more from the very start and decides to start getting feelings for me. This has happened a few times. Once or twice I recall explaining that I only wanted RP, in better details. Those one or two ladies were matur
  4. Exactly. Our lives - our decisions. We can be courteous and let people know ahead of time that we can't make it to SL - whether planned engagements ahead or not - yet some will still choose to be upset and say that we are being rude.
  5. I both agree and disagree because as stated more than once I have never broken a planned engagement. The negativity I received is that I couldn't or wouldn't make it onto SL on days where nothing was planned due to RL happenings. That does not jusitfy anyones reasoning to give me negative remarks. Again - I DID NOT break any planned engagements. Honestly, what is so hard to understand about all of this? The more this goes on, the naysayers replying to my comments seem to be the ones who would be upset if I decided to go out on a night where nothing was planned ahead of time.
  6. I have a RP friend in another game with a story that has been ongoing for over 2 years. She and I have never had any drama whatsoever because we both understand that RL comes first. If either of us is gone for an extended period of time, we send messages via email or discord to ask. Then we always reply back that RL is keeping us busy at the moment. No biggie. We get it. When an opportunity presents itself to play again, we usually take it. She doesn't get upset if I want to go out and have dinner with my family. I don't get upset if she wants to spend time with her family on a night when
  7. You are both making vast assumptions. I never said that I made plans with people in SL beforehand. Just that if a Friday night presented an opportunity to go out and have fun that I would rather do that than sit at home. I am not selfish and I am a very generous RPer. I have feelings too. I have let people know in the past whether I could play or not on any given day. Those people couldn't handle the fact that RL prevented me from getting online at times. That's because despite my RP rule - No real feelings - real feelings were there for my RP partner. They were the selfish ones for
  8. After all these posts, I feel the need to mention that I received negativity after not being able to log in for only a handful of days. People got upset with me over this, despite ongoing communication outside of SL. So - I DID keep in touch and I DID tell them that I would not be able to play. This means that while it was supposed to be RP with no strings attached and no real feelings involved, they did have feelings and took it out on me despite being straightforward with them. I was never the bad guy or wrong for doing what I have done in the past, nor will I feel like the bad guy for
  9. If I am able to get on tonight it would most likely be late time EST. Likely around 11PM
  10. Thanks for understanding and not assuming that I am simply an *****
  11. I expect reactions from others on public forums concerning something I said. I stand by my feelings. I owe explanations to no one who I am only RPing with. I guess I should mention, however, that a few of my bad experiences involved ladies who, despite what they initially said, DID develop feelings. We had contact outside of SL via discord or other apps. I would actively chat with them even while away from SL. I would explain that due to RL I could not log in. Still, drama and negativity. That being said, it may seem cold of me to feel the way I do but I do so for no bad reason. You
  12. Yes, agreed. Selfish reactions like that make me go away very quickly lol
  13. I didn't mean for it to sound that way, though this was not obvious from the way I worded it. I have had a few bad experiences where I would literally receive negativity if I didn't log in for a few days. It was never a case of "I wanted to know you were okay.", or "I was wondering if you had died." It was always a case of, "You don't care about me. You should tell me what's going on." Why should I? My life is more important than a game or any RP story. It may seem mean but it is what it is. I am not a mean person. I WOULD explain myself to a girlfriend or a romantic interest in REAL
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