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  1. Hiii I could help you out! I wouldn't expect anything just for some practice
  2. Hi I have a maitreya body and lelutka head. Good style and I love to dress my avi.. and undress. I am good with emoting. Although this account is only 3 weeks old. May I still apply? xo Adelaide
  3. Hi everyone This is my new avi (AdelaideGrey) and it is 3 days old. I used to play a while ago though and so I know how to get a good sim. I already have good skins clothes and shapes. I do have a mesh body. now that's over! I am looking for paid work either as a store manager, store model, in a photography studio (I aim to be a photographer in real. I'm good with angles and I'm good at editing pictures!!!) blogger, anything related please don't hesistate to reply! I am loyal, friendly and mature i will take this job as it is my identity on sl. Have a great day! Adelaide Grey xo
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