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  1. Sure there will be information as to where it will be taken place and where it will be held, if you need information on that i can give you the info in-world
  2. It is all animated via a wrestling HUD, there are some examples of shows that will be on tonight for example DIE at 4pm slt. However everything is all hudded with gesture and animations
  3. The VFW (Visual Furry wrestling) is a furry wrestling federation that wants to bring fun exciting and nonstop action to second life sports entertainment. We want to bring in the Furry community into the wrestling industry in Second life, what we want to do is to make ways for more people to have fun and to enjoy what we can offer you. What we are looking is people who are wanting to learn about the ways of wrestling or want to become a wrestler themselves into second life, or whether you might want to be part of the member of staff of the federation but not as a wrestler, no problem you can become a commentator or a referee. If you do not know how to wrestle or do not know how it works, not a problem. We will offer you training in learning how to wrestle. The way how the wrestling is run is via a wrestling system called Genesis ( a form of combat HUD) However with genesis it is pre-scripted so everything is not done on the spot it is all staged and scripted just like real life professional wrestling. We are currently in need of all wrestler both female and male (WRESTLERS MUST BE FURRY OR NEKO), referees and commentators. If you are still concerned about not knowing how to be a wrestler or think you will have a hard time learning, do not worry! We will have professional wrestler to mentor you in any way that you think that you need help with, so do not worry at all If you are interested, do no hesitate to to reply to this thread or IM me on Second life
  4. So I have been trying to use the marketplace for a few times now and realised that I cannot search into adult items on the marketplace, the marketplace only allows me to see G rated where as my account has all G M and A content on the preferences. I have tried using different web browsers and still I have the same issue. I have tried using my other avis and they have the same issue aswell