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  1. Apparently I haven't checked this thing in awhile despite having this marked for notifications... Whoops! Definitely more alert now and with more time to spare for RP. Currently a Great Danebull dog now, but always open to changing up my appearances as needed! I'll still pull off my regular pit if desired.
  2. Don't mind the time of posting here, though I am a night owl Hey all! I'm returning to SL from a mini hiatus in hopes to rekindle my roleplaying spirit as a pooch. I'm experienced with playing the lifelike dog who takes all shifting and talking into the appropriate place. I'm a busy bee with real life though, but I can be easily caught online in the late of nights. Sometimes at random times of the day during days free from the business of making money. Let's just say I'm currently in America if it helps sort of the times better. I'll try to be as active as possible whenever I can catch people online for some exciting times! I'm a family dog and enjoy kiddos. I'll be loyal to one family only. I'm not aggressive by nature, but will go into guard dog mode if threats arise. I'm perfectly fine in being a working dog too. I'll just need the training, naturally. I take the form of a brindle Pit Bull, but I can try to access other coat ideas with my modding skills I'm not sure if I'll take on other breeds just yet though, but may reconsider! This dog comes with supplies and some accessories to boot! Toys especially! Feel free to poke me here, or IM in-game if you're interested, or have any questions ❤️
  3. I'm extremely late to this, but if you're still looking for a pet, I may be interested! I roleplay as a regular ole dog.
  4. I am an experienced dog role player who has been doing so on-and-off for nearly a year now. Admittedly I haven't had the best luck finding that "furever" home and I hope to try again! I'm an experienced and happily titled family dog who does well with kids, I do best with multiple family members, but I can tolerate one owner too. I'm not picky as long as it's a good match. I have no training with any canine-oriented work environments. My main form is a brindle Pit Bull Terrier without any cropped ears, or tail. I do have access to other forms, but it's limited at this time (and has yet to be tailored to my needs due to this being an alt account). Naturally she's an adult. I also come with supplies when adopted such as a collar, dog house, food bowls, fetch toys, bandanna, etc. If you're interested in learning more, or willing to adopt, feel free to reply here or message me in-game (Dogecoins.Resident)!
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