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  1. Pitty. I guess i'l stick to the HUD, will do some testing. By the way, i know making a good arcade is... well impossible for my level of experience, but i have set a few small goals. Slow and steady wins the race Anyhow for now i believe i'm covered, i'll do some practise on my own, thanks again everyone
  2. Script HUD... Haven't thought of that! Although i'd like to make the arcade to make some profit (nothing too much) however my idea is that anyone could play a game by paying lets say 1L$, and depending on their performance on the game, they'd win some tickets. Those tickets would be stored and the player could exchange them for an item later on. I have thought of something else too, but i wanna ask: Since its possible to utilize one item's description, is it possible to get data and/or change one item's description from within the Agent's inventory? My idea is that every new-player who
  3. Ah... So for me, a non-premium user, the only way to test my experience script is to rent the land for the "Arcade" and then try it out. Anyhow i guess i'll just look further into experiences to be ready when i can actually try them. Thx
  4. Ugh so, i've got a very basic idea of experiences. Since i'm still having trouble i want to ask, is there a way to test some scripts on a land not-owned by me? Is there such thing? I know there are sandboxes, but what about a sandbox that allows usage of experiences?
  5. Interesting.. I'm planing to build like an arcade with some friends, and i want to store values for each player's "tickets". I'll do some further research thx
  6. Oh hang on, correct me if i'm wrong. Doing so will store data for a while, not permantly right? I mean if i transfer data to another object, when the data storage prim's sim restarts, it will all be gone, right?
  7. I imagined so, thx PS: I figured the HTTP part, but unless i learn how to make a site to store data it's mostly usefull to transfer data from 1 object to another
  8. Oh, thats neat! Question though, the gHoldTime float, has no starting value, yet its used before its set. Is there like a default float value it uses?
  9. I've tried the double click, single click (even found an example that someone made), its... wierd but interesting. As for the calculator, i know how to make one but i'll leave it for last, for now the HTTP one seems interesting, i'm having some troubl figuring it, but all in due time. Thx
  10. Alright, lets gets things clear, 1) Yes Holy *****, its llGetOwner(); with () =_=' that might be the problem and 2) I am aware of the issues it will have. For starters i wrote the "self" and a hand written vector to theorize on what the error was, but surely i know there is an easier way. As for the height, i think i have an idea on how to make it taller above the ground and not bellow, i'll edit this post for the results, thx :). EDIT: Success! I set everything on the timer event, now the llGetOwner works and i set its position to its original position but the z(height) is the
  11. A sim? Would an area work? Like when someone approaches/teleports in an area, the terms pop up, and if they deny they get thrown out. If so i might be able to help.
  12. Wow i guess this time i really got stuck, yet seems so simple.. So if i understood corectly, i want to use the distance between me and a cube to increase it's size I wrote the script bellow, but it comes up with a long ass error... P.S. the "self" variable, i tried to use llGetPos and came up with the same error... What is wrong? key id = llGetOwner; list pos; vector player; default { state_entry() { pos = llGetObjectDetails(id, ([OBJECT_POS])); player = llList2Vector(pos, 0); llSetTimerEvent(0.2); } timer() {
  13. OOOH! That was a good one! The hud was done rather easily, and i now undertstand fully how HUDs work! As for the second, it was tricky, took me a while, BUT! I did manage to use the GetObjectDetails and learnt how to utilize lists Working on the 3rd one. Also thanks again everyone :), The one with the 2 cubes, i have tried it before, but not with that complexity
  14. Wulfie, thanks a lot for your suggestions, i did try them all. So i managed to get them all rather easily, and i did learn about the "listen" event, which by the way is AMAZING, thx! One question though, the one i didn't manage to do, nor find a sollution is to change the color of linked prims! I was able to change the main prim (root i believe its called) and the 2nd prim (the child) but if i wanted to add a 3rd child, i was not able to change the 2nd and 3rd's color independantly from one another.
  15. Greetings! I'm a rather new SL Player and wanting to, well make Lindens, i decided to take on scripting! I have very little experience with scripting laungages, but i wanna guess that so far i've managed to understand how LSL works. My request to you, the community. I want some ideas, random ones, of a script. Not very complex nor very easy, i wanna see if i can make them happen. Thank ya
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