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    Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-07-17

    After trying other viewers I realized the disconnect itself happens on the client. If you use Singularity and notice similar problems maybe try to remove lines 220 to 224 in https://github.com/singularity-viewer/SingularityViewer/blob/master/indra/newview/lleventpoll.cpp This does not change the observation that something on the 18th changed that causes it. I logged out during the rolls and logged back in directly after and it started immediately as described in my previous post. I also get warnings in the old Radegast viewer that I have never seen before: Unrecognized internal caps exception from https://sim8859.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/84563704-5756-2613-2a06-740d7e342682: at System.Net.WebConnection.HandleError(WebExceptionStatus st, System.Exception e, System.String where) at System.Net.WebConnection.ReadDone(IAsyncResult result) And Storm gives these that look similar (but no idea if it is normal as I usually do not use it): WARNING: llcorehttp/_httppolicy.cpp(437) : stageAfterCompletion: HTTP request 0x178b4160 failed after 0 retries. Reason: Timeout was reached (Easy_28) WARNING: llmessage/llcorehttputil.cpp(282) : onCompleted: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error[Easy_28] cannot access url 'https://sim8859.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/267e5f1d-974a-cf35-8aea-648888cb27a0' because Timeout was reached This after teleporting: WARNING: llmessage/llcircuit.cpp(1075) : checkCircuitTimeout: LLCircuitData::checkCircuitTimeout for last ping 105.223644s seconds ago. WARNING: llmessage/llcircuit.cpp(1085) : checkCircuitTimeout: LLCircuitData::checkCircuitTimeout for still dead, dropping. And sometimes this. 502 seems to be a typical timeout but could be related in this case: WARNING: llcorehttp/_httppolicy.cpp(437) : stageAfterCompletion: HTTP request 0xd60aa30 failed after 0 retries. Reason: Bad Gateway (Http_502) WARNING: llmessage/llcorehttputil.cpp(282) : onCompleted: -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Error[Http_502] cannot access url 'https://sim10293.agni.lindenlab.com:12043/cap/6cc4e003-783a-db9b-dde2-98e15c64f282' because Bad Gateway After disabling the timeout code on Singularity I am logged in for over 12 hours now and I notice no problem except parcel traffic, parcel banlist and parcel object owner list not loading. Script memory lists work. Weird is how the issue seems rather uncommon afaik. Radegast and Storm print the warnings about every minute on main AND magnum. Singularity works as usual on magnum but always times out on main for that particular cap address. I am in Europe btw.
  2. oAsobiNoKamiSama

    Deploy Plans for the week of 2017-07-17

    Since directly after the "OS Upgrade" restarts on the 18th I keep getting disconnected on every main server region I try. My home parcel is on a main server region and I usually stay there logged in 24/7 since last November with no real problems. Now after about 20 minutes on average I get disconnected with following messages: WARNING: httpFailure: LLEventPollResponder::error: <5> got 498: WARNING: httpFailure: Forcing disconnect due to stalled main region event poll. I have tried other regions too with the same result. Also reset the router and got a new IP. Then yesterday, thinking I was safe on RC regions I went to a BlueSteel place and got disconnected the same way. So I am in exile on a Magnum region since the 18th now (again, constantly logged in). Perhaps related, teleporting is much slower than I am used to, with the following messages during the teleporting process: 2017-07-23T19:50:44Z WARNING: httpFailure: Unexpected HTTP error. status: 498, reason: