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  1. I have never learned enough about SL to send notcards, I posted here hoping the word would get around.
  2. Kyrah, The only reason we came here was to weed out some thieves. If you feel they are not stealing, that is fine. We are not here to prove a case, we were trying to help ~tor
  3. Please try this link, it is a link to the current forum thread on clothing theft. https://forums.utherverse.com/yaf_postst130915_Asking-out-of-curiousity.aspx There are a lot of pictures there but not all, Betty_Blue is an invalid and is the one gathering most of the information. We have been trying for some time to get people's attention. It is completely out of control:(
  4. Red Light Center Utherverse Virtual Vancouver Eros Island All the same place. https://www.virtual-vancouver.com ~tor
  5. Please forgive me if this is not the proper place or even if I am allowed to do this. I only visit here occasionally, I spend most of my time in RLC. I wanted to let the designers here know that right now RLC is having a major issue with theft. Myself and some of the other designers in RLC have started a thread about it in the RLC forums. We can identify many items from RLC that appear to have been stolen from here:( We have tried to get the thieves to take the items down by showing the original from here and their copy. RLC will not force them to take the items down without a complaint from the original owner. We talked about trying to find the original owners here but it is becoming a nightmare! Some claim they have an account here too but we have no way of telling. I urge the designers here to look at the thread and take action to protect your investments! This is the link to the RLC forum. If I can help any of you, please email me at tor.wraith.brnd@gmail.com Mods, if this is not allowed, please delete. Thank you. SL = tor4wraith RLC = Cougar
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