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  1. i will end the dicusion about this because this not have fundament nomore I sended Yestarday morning a notecard (the MI are not always recived) and i sended another 24 hours later if the rent is 7 days i have to wait 5 days to complian about the problem when the rent is over?????, the owner was online after i send the notecard, the support people was online in this 2 days that i rented the skybox and one of them could even tell me: sorry i can do nothing but i will leave a message to my boss???? all them was away of the computer??? all them was too bussy to come online and go ofline and come again and so and no one could read it???? come on, i found it out other people that complains about the same that happened to me with this person, so i am not the only one that has this problem with the poor person that took my 1050L for a skybox for 7 days of rent that i could not even use 1 time and i had to rent another so end of the problem i will ever again rent or use nothing about this person and is oke not all the person live online but if u have a bussiness u should take care about it and that all goes ok, right? this is what the people with respect for the others do it, in him webpage said that they have 24 hours online support and other greats things about that if u have a problem mail him bla bla bla. thank u all
  2. Thank u for help, the feed or the pets is not important i can feed them well, and is ignore when the people is online and do it nothing to fix the problem, have a great time, and thank u for ur help again:)
  3. Thank u for ur reply i spoke with the support person from and send 2 notecard to the owner , but he just ignored me, no is him responsability that i can not feed the pets but is him responsability provide the service that he is offering and if her property stuff is not working fix it and bring a solution to the people that pay for the service.
  4. Hello I Rent a skybox from yesterday over 1000L of rent , the mail box that should invite me to the group then i can rez objects in the place is not working, i send a note card to the owner and explain the problem. He was online and not event send me a message or a gruop invitation nothing. i have breedables and they can not be without food so i will have to rent another skybox, i want that they give my money back, where i can denuce this or what should i do, the support event not answer me or nothing
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