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  1. Thank u for taking the time out u have ben such a big help in so many areas! πŸ€—
  2. I have a really hard time matching the skin color of my face, the chest section of v-tech, and the rest of the body seamlessly. I guess matching bento catwa head color with the body isn't as difficult as it is for me to try and match the color and skin with the lara body and v-tech chest section... Secondlife gives me a place to b myself without the fear of getting hurt or judged poorly along with indulging in my fetish. Being a transgender girl with a huge male foot fetish isn't all that common, all though foot fetishes r among both men and women, being born intersex is still a small percentage.
  3. They just really need to make a mid/high/flat heel option for both men and women without changing the shape of the foot. 🦢πŸ₯° For the many different reasons people would like.
  4. Thank u dear! In a matter of 30 minutes i have already read bunch of ur posts and luv em! U have ben extremely helpful. As for maitreya lara body with the v-teck flat, i have tried that for my female avi ( i am a transgender girl in real life) but i messed up my lara body and had to get it redelivered and resave all my outfits :.(. I have even watched a video on youtube but just can't seem to get it.
  5. See the triXie socks narrow the feet and make em feminine to fit female shoes which is wonderful if ur into that! But im looking for something more towards in the pictures... keep the male foot shape but arched without socks or shoes.
  6. in fact heels were invented for men back in the day, if im not mistaken!
  7. Thank u so much! Whoever came up with this option is keeping everyone in mind, especially in 2019! However I'm not looking for shoes or socks to change the shape but change the shape of the barefeet themselves on the best male avatars. For example i have seen it done in marketplace store in a few advertisements! Hopefully there is more demand, not sure how to contact the creators myself yet.
  8. Thank u Josephine! hugs R u suggesting i post my topic on that site??
  9. Most female avatars dont have flat chests and *****es either but they have a market for that. Same for wheelchairs... only cus it is a minority group doesn't mean it shouldn't b included in SecondLife. πŸ§πŸ˜‡
  10. All male avatars are from wut i know, but i dont know everything. If anyone knows if its even possible, please let me know!
  11. I have all 3 TMP male bodies... the classic, the classic version 1.1, and legacy. I have not seen an option in the HUDs to change the arch for male feet only female. 😒
  12. Im not quiet sure how to delete it... I'm new to the forum section.
  13. I have ben trying to figure out how to get my male (classic) TMP body or the upgraded version 1.1 to have mid or high feet like they have for female avi's. Also for Signature Gianni male body. Is this even possible??? I have noticed they added scripts for foot arch height that comes with the upgraded (classic) TMP version 1.1 for males but u have to attach it to a shoe instead of the feet themselves. And the tab to add new script for the male bodies or shoes already bought don't give u permission and is unclickable (greyed out). I am still new to all this, and iv seen in some advertisements, in the marketplace, on different clothing options, that the male models have arched barefeet. Why is this option only for females? And if not, how do i get my male avi's to have arched feet... its 2019 and i want my male avi's to be on their tippy toes. Please help!
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