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  1. JE55ICA

    A Place To Call Home

    A place to call home. PD. FD. Medical. Gym. Community Pool. Club (Adults Only). Bar. Park. Restaurant. Join our low lag community and be apart of the wide range of events we have on sim. Weekly Family Friendly Events! You don't have to live here to join the fun or use the amenities! Hiring PD and Medical! Looking for an Mafia or MC for our Bar Gym is hiring Personal Trainers and Instructors! Club is hiring! Dancers, DJ's, Hosts, Security. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mountain Cove/114/153/22
  2. JE55ICA

    New Family RP Community

    Luxury living at it's finest, gated condo complex with a pool, private homes, working fire department, police department and hospital, outdoor movie theater, park for the kids, community pool and a nightclub for the parents. Come check us out. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mountain Cove/157/195/23
  3. JE55ICA

    Police Dog/Family RP

    Contact me inworld, my brother is a Chief of Police and he would love to have a K9 unit
  4. JE55ICA

    Doggy looking for a home

    If you are still looking for a home, please contact me inworld
  5. JE55ICA

    ^ 2 dogs looking for homes ^

    will gladly take both dogs, live in a rp community and have been looking for pets
  6. JE55ICA

    Looking for family pets

    Co-Owner of a family roleplay sim, lookg for family pets. Have children wanting to have their own doggie. If interested, please contact me here or in world.
  7. JE55ICA

    Looking for Pet Dog and Adopting Children

    I been looking for a dog, Junnie got one already, it's my turn
  8. JE55ICA

    Teenage Son

    please do
  9. JE55ICA

    Teenage Son

    Looking ofr a teenage son that can deal with 3 toddlers being their siblings
  10. JE55ICA

    Family Pet

    Looking for family pets, contact me in-world if interested.
  11. JE55ICA

    Cedar Point Family Community Roleplay

    Family friendly, great residents. We don't just stay stuck in our houses here, we get out and meet each other, have fun, hang out. A great place to call home.