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  1. Okay as funny as these trolls are I am 100% serious so lets keep that in mind here
  2. I said MESH. NOT MUSH. NEXT!!!!!!!!
  3. Hello. I'm looking for a boyfriend who is willing to be apart of a family in a roleplay community. Not here to date RL, and I don't want anyone here under the age of 21 RL to apply here because thats not cool. Now I'm a high class ***** and I have standards. I need someone who is completely meshed the hell out, no default avatar that you looked like you just got ran over by a steamroller. I don't want someone who is clingy cause I need my damn space; I need someone who is good at taking harsh jokes even sometimes mean ones but not at all serious. I ain't got time for people who got s
  4. Why do you need 81,000 linden im sure most of us don't even have that on our accounts. ???
  5. Come join us for Family Skate Night!!!! Bring the kids, we got live music going! Don't miss out on the fun! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ocean Of Orchids/165/132/22
  6. Come join us! We're extremely active and always looking to have some RP going. Jobs available for the PD, FD and Hospital!
  7. if you're looking for a family rp community send me a message @JunQueen I'd be happy to introduce you to my big family!!
  8. Looking to Adopt Children between the ages of 2-5 Boy or Girl doesn't matter. Please message me if you are interested, would like to get to know you! Willing to join a family rp community Looking to adopt a pet dog one that uses an actual dog avatar (not a furry avatar). someone who would be willing to join a community, a dog that is kid friendly. send me a message if anyone is interested in either! @JunQueen
  9. Welcome to the New and Improved Cedar Point Family Community! We are currently a 1 sim Family Community(Human Avatars Only Please!) looking to grow and expand. We have beautiful homes ready for rent at a rate of 1.5L per prim! We currently have a Summer Renter Event where if you rent for one month you get a week free! Yup, a week free! Can't pass that up! Every Friday Night we have the Friday Movie Night Drive in located in the parking lot of the Pub and Lounge! Movie Night is every Friday at 8pm SLT. We have jobs open for PD, FD and Hospital Staff (We actually need Doctors an
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