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  1. Size: 1024 Prims: 351 Type: Mainland Beach Water Front Price: L$6500 **While only premium members can own mainland, you can give up your "linden home" and own this land free of monthly maintenance fees! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Odi Freddi/175/88/22
  2. Thanks Cindy, but I've checked all the folders last night and again today, still nothing in there.
  3. My guy sent me a partner request last night, but I never received it. He was sure he sent it to the right account, and I have tried sending one to him, but it says he already has a proposal pending, so the new one I send, won't go though. How do we cancel his pending proposal so we can create a new one? In my 10 years of sl, I've never had this issue, nor know how to fix it.
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