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  1. Send me an IM @ Rawbesticle94 inworld I come with many skills and a fast learner. I have worked in many clubs so far and hosted, I am a very hyper person especially when I have ate something sweet mins ago ,and also in wedding agencies. I am very familiar with Role-Playing and emoting , been doing so since 2009 from another virtual world site called IMVU , was also a stripper( I will strip and escort to anyone text only.. sorry i do not think my voice is sexually attractive you will find out when you need to verify me to make sure I am a male behind the avi ) and escort and a club co o
  2. I am a freelancer videographer and editor. IM me @ Rawbesticle94 inworld if you want a picture edited. here is my Flickr I also do videos , any genre of videos here is my Youtube channel
  3. Anyone need an abstract picture edited of themselves or with someone? price range 500L to 1500. Heres my Flickr there are a few edited pictures there some are random. Warning some XXX rated pics as well. IM me @RawBesticle94 inworld. PS. i also do video editing check out my Youtube channel.
  4. Need a video grapher for an event? Request for a video here.
  5. Anyone seeking a video grapher or photoeditor im your guy I do multiple themes, creativity is flexible. inworld user : Rawbesticle94 , IM me or send a Notecard if you're interested. I do not charge much , my prices are low as 500L heres my Flickr heres my Youtube Channel
  6. Need help on a animation/video AD for promoting ?
  7. Where do I sign up? ? I have experience on video editing, Just started messing with making videos on SL , heres my youtube channel www.youtube.com/c/RawBesticle - Rawbesticle94
  8. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCymet631rLjYUyAsk2kUwuQ <--- My Youtube Channel , incase no one could have find it
  9. Hey , im currently looking for a job, is the host job still open?
  10. Can men get hired as well? I have experience on elaborated text sexual RP and im pretty good at hyping people up at a party.
  11. No experience but im desperate for a job that I can earn lindens from and also have something to do, so you know damn well this guy here ( ME ) will work my butt off to be available
  12. Hello , I am interested in your job offer, I am new to second life ( got the hang of it ) but not new to photo editing and I also do video graphing. Hope to have a chat with you soon.
  13. Looking to be hired for video editing or photo editing, I am mainly stronger on video graphing , want to see my skills check out my youtube channel Raw besticle and my instagram @besticler
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