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  1. oh wait ok.... so I need a second timer.... one for the interval and the other for the length of time to make the change. Duh.... got it.... thank you Rolig😜😁
  2. that's what I'm planning to do but it's the "gradual" change that is causing me problems when I map it out. Won't that just make an abrupt color change?
  3. I'm working on a script that will change the colors on a prim point light but I'm wondering if there's a way to make the change slowly rather than an abrupt change. Maybe it's already been done, but I haven't found anything about it. Thank you in advance for your input.
  4. How weird... so only one of the bridges that I uploaded even gives me that option. The rest only have options for either convex hull or none. So apparently, I only uploaded one of them correctly? Not sure what I did there, but something to keep my eye on I guess. So ones I set the only one I could set to prim... poof like magic it's working the way it's supposed to. Thank you so much @Fenix Eldritch and @Wulfie Reanimator
  5. I've got a bridge that, because of the nature of the script I'm using, I need the bridge to be a single object. Everything was fine with it until I added railings to it. Now I don't walk on the bridge, I walk above the railings. I'm using 2 small planes as the physics on the railings, but it seems that once it's uploaded it's creating a bounding box around the entire railing structure and not allowing me to actually walk between the railings. I've tried everything I can think of including using the actual mesh model as the physics layer too, but I still end up walking above the railings. In or
  6. Thanks Dargo! He came and looked at what I'm doing and it makes sense to make this as simple as possible. I'm going to make the linked set a single mesh object, (which was my intention from the beginning). Once that is done, I should be able to use his simple script to make it work the way I need to. Thank you to everyone for their input and help. This is such a great forum!
  7. @Rolig LoonI looked at llSetKeyframedMotion, but it seemed to me that it was for something that was moving across the sim. This object is a machine that only needs to do this one motion and then return to it's original position. Like a turning hydraulic lift.
  8. Not my first rodeo scripting, but I don't do it enough to know the language that well. I'm trying to have an object raise 2 meters and turn 90 degrees while it's raising. So one smooth motion. The problem is that I don't really know what function I should be using to get it to do that. I have scripts that I use to raise things and to turn things, but to combine them is a separate problem that appears to require a different function then what I'm acquainted with. When I dig into the functions it's hard to find one that does what I want it to and it seems that I'm spending a lot of time just try
  9. Wow @Innula Zenovka that works great! Super impressed.... thank you so much!
  10. Just one last post to update this subject.... Thank you so much @Rolig Loon. I was able to use a variation of your script to make everything work the way it's supposed to no matter the z-axis orientation and I gave you the proper credit in the script for your contributions to it. I've also taken @Wulfie Reanimator suggestions to clarify my intentions within the script by utilizing comments and variable names. Thank you for reminding me to keep things clear. Thank you to everyone else who posted here.... I'm very grateful for your contributions to this discussion.
  11. Thank you Rolig, I'll give that a try. I appreciate everyone's input on this so much ....I've been pulling my hair out, but learning a lot.
  12. Just to clarify... this isn't a medieval drawbridge that you'd find on a castle. This is a marine drawbridge that you'd find over a river or in the middle of a large lake with a road over it so the ships could get through. It has 2 parts each opening in opposite directions. The bridge itself at this point is sculpted attached to a root prim that provides the script and rotation. When any part of the bridge is touched, it tells the other part of the bridge to open. So essentially it's opening from the middle. I'm working on making all of the parts of my dock system into mesh, but haven't gotten
  13. Thank you Wulfie, I'll give that a try and I appreciate your comments on functions/variables
  14. Thanks for pointing that out to me Rolig.... I was going to write my own and then found this to work from. I copied this from my own copy not the one inworld which gives Toy credit for it and only shows that I altered it. Wow, I think you're right about the axis too. So if I'm constructing this properly in my head, somehow now it needs to incorporate all 3 axis, (x,y,z), into the slerp function in order to make it work properly. Or am I only dealing with X and Z? The way I interpret it is that X and Y are always E-W and N-S. So if I offset the Z axis say 45 degrees, then the angle that th
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