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  1. there have been many other such posts in the employment forum before i just followed their examples not sure where to post this
  2. Hi We have an upcoming entertainment event with lots of exposure If you are a content creator in SL and looking to participate in an event, then drop me a notecard inworld for all info
  3. All you people who think most sl djs r illegal, can u prove to me that the streaming license isn't covered in parcels? I think every parcel is licensed or they wouldn't allow so many djs to spin without license
  4. I have been on SL for many years and I have experiences working many different kinds of jobs that include running and managing clubs and hosts. I know about it all. Just IM me inworld if you are interested to hire me and I will do my best for your biz. However, I will require a pay of not less than 500L for a 2 hours shift because the service you will get from me will be way beyond what you can ask for. Thank You
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