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  1. What you have to remember is that in SL, there is largely no consequences for being a player. In real life, if you treat someone like crap, you have to deal with their friends/family plus risk being exposed as a *beep* to your own friends. Online there is no consequences. "Pump and dump" is not against the ToS, irate friends can be blocked and Douchiepants can move onto the next person without a second thought. Doesn't make it pleasant or right, but one should proceed with caution and not get overly involved into "relationships". There's plenty of nutters out there who will be convinced of und
  2. Especially when followed up by some variant of "wanna make bouncy bouncy while the wife's at work?" It gets tiring swinging ones handbag at pervos.
  3. I am by no means an expert on texturing but I do love to tinker in 3d packages. Generally "realistic" looking textures will be baked from a high resolution model (very high polygon count) to a low resolution model. That way one can accurately render things like creases onto a flat surface so as it looks like it has depth. With the use of a normal map as well as baked shadows one can get a pretty nice effect. Some folks however paint their textures completely by hand. As for software, there are many choices out there, from free and very effective to ridiculously expensive. Personally I have sub
  4. loitering on the doorstep wondering what furniture to buy
  5. With the temperature starting to fall it's time to cover up...
  6. I grabbed myself a new mesh body and now I can climb walls!
  7. Body - Maitreya Head - Eve'olution Skin - Lumae gift Hair - Ayashi Clothing - Brii Underground
  8. I lost my head at a party... or so I thought... it was floating in the garden And it's a shame about my Linden home... but I had to shut the media on a prim up somehow!
  9. I have a gorgeous red ballgown that I won from a lucky chair... I look a million dollars in it, but that dwarfs the 2.8 million complexity when all ruffles and frills are added.
  10. Thank you was my little project to get a grip on bezier curves and arrays. Indeed it was although I have made other metallic items before... although usually of a more weathered and less ornate appearance.
  11. My first attempt at making some jewelry. Sadly the pics don't show the full effect of the specularity on the gems.
  12. Another new hat... they seem to be reproducing or something!
  13. New hat I cobbled together in Blender/Photoshop.
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