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  1. Linden Lab need to make some kinda back-up service, some of my oldest avatars have over 200k items in their inventory, LL should make it like a cloud service, maybe as a part or premium membership or as a flat monthly cost addon.
  2. I've been in SL since day 1 and I miss the good old variety of Avatar names, so when the option to change name showed up I got excided. But for $39.99 I most say the the variety and qualities of the last names available are what so ever lame . C'mon Linden Lab if you gonna charge us $39.99 for a Avatar name change then give us some better names to choose from.
  3. How does people rent out an full 20k prime region for only L$15999, i did some mat and its not a very good business it cost $295 a month to own a full 20k region thats around L$74000, To just break even, the weekly rent on a full 20k region should at least be L$17652 a week (not including the $600 maintenance fee.), the most commen price for a full 20k sim is L$15999 a week, how do they do it, do they get a special price from Linden Lab because they own so many sims?
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