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  1. I was uploading a new mesh to sell in my shop and the first 2 tries failed. 3rd time it worked, but then I realized that I had been charged for the first 2 attempts despite nothing uploading. I only lost L$80, but it's still kinda lame.
  2. This is still for sale. Someone else was going to buy it, but I haven't heard from them in a while so I've changed it back so that anyone can buy it.
  3. Just thought I should add that the price I currently have it listed as is not final, and I don't mind decreasing it some. I'm just hoping to lower my land tier a bit and get a decent amount of L$.
  4. Feel free to check it out if you're interested: https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Reignier/152/59/2
  5. So I've messed around with this a little more, and it seems like the size issues only happen with the front of the body. If I make a rigged mesh thing for any other part of the body it comes out looking just fine in SL. Is there a way to tell what version of Blender something was made in? Seems like I've tried everything else and it just doesn't want to work.
  6. I'm using the mod kit that comes with the I monster European dragon to make some rigged attachments. Everything fits and animates nicely with the avatar in blender, but when I upload them to SL they come out just a bit too small, causing ugly seams and clipping. This is my first time trying to upload rigged mesh, and I've seen other people make rigged items for this avatar that fit perfectly, so I'm guessing I'm doing something wrong.
  7. I updated my drivers and now everything is running great. Thanks for the help!
  8. When I'm playing SL, I don't usually get too much lag. However, any time I open another window, my FPS drops to around 5. It stays this way even if I close the other window, and the only way to get it to quit lagging is to close out of SL and then log back in. Anyone know what's causing this?
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