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  1. Any news on what's the issue here , would have thought casper warden would at least put out a statement , this is costing us rentals atm which we can't afford to lose !
  2. i tested it using a virtual computer, its just a link to a porn sharing website , very lame
  3. No ones tracking you , what your seeing are survey & land bots , currently we have around 276 active ones logged and quite honestly they are a pain in the b--t, being a big rental company on mainland they constantly trigger our landing boards & land in peoples houses , one way we have partially solved this is placing the most active ones on our caspersafe system , keeps them out until the next new wave are created which seems to be every 5/6 months
  4. Was inworld and could not tp so ok relog , now can't get back in
  5. Just to add here the belleza jake body is out and getting well supported by creators , my view owning all the male mesh bodies jake is way ahead https://gyazo.com/cbed57ebb998c38341dd777a7977d6b4
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