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  1. 1024sqm  located in the moderate community of Mumun. Quality land near Roadside with beautiful ocean view, sunrise & sunset is amazing here!!!!!  2 sides looking out onto water. It has a beautiful gazebo to take in the view. Fully Furnished with lots of great fun romantic animations (All are for you to keep or return as you like).  Perfect for newlyweds .

    Price is in the About Land, just right click the land for information and to buy.

    It is located at the following:        http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mumun/119/16/52




  2. Beautiful beach property

    Land for sale 1024 with a large window-filled mesh home featuring a relaxing elevated deck with a pool. Offering fabulous views you have to see to believe. Located in the beautiful region of Mawdryn. This is a sailing community so when you add your own boat (a rezzer is in the area) you can sail to your heart's desire.

    All objects will remain with you as much as you want, or to return as you desire. All are mesh objects. The home is ready for your furnishing touch.

    Right click on the ground with the and select 'About land' for information on price and to purchase the land. This is a fabulous price for the area!

    Land can be adjusted. You can split the land or join with another nearby piece (the lot next door is also for sale), lower the ground to the water or raise it. 

    Take this link  to enjoy the region. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mawdryn/96/127/22Main2.jpg?1561476637




  3. Nice location with a view - 512 Mainland ocean view lot located in the General community of Queck, with a 5 story building, a skybox and a platform. Everything there comes with the place. Perfect for a starter store (just add your texture to the rotating sign and fill it up with your sale items). Or it can be your new home (store signs easily remove). It has a rooftop sunbathing area and there is a green space located in the middle of the buiding with a hot tub. Another green space is located on the ground floor, all accessible through the teleport system. Store, apartment,  or whatever you  desire.



  4. I was able to solve the crashing issue on my one computer by reverting to a windows restore point dated before the versersion was installed. On the computer where the viewer was freezing up, I used the process of deleting the downloads folder mentioned by Kyle Linden above (thanks Kyle). In both cases the viewer installs the latest viewer at launch and everything works out fine from there on.

    Hopes this helps someone who might still be dealing with the loop issue.


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  5. I too have a 64 bit system and the viewer crashes since the update. I've reinstalled and the uninstalled and reinstalled but the same problem continues...it doesn't even login before crashing. On my other 64 bit computer the viewer does work and I am able to login, but it continually freezes. 

    When I try to contact premium support I get an error message: "An error has occurred. Further information is available in the server log.

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