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  1. No, man. You can't explain away the difficulties here by telling me to "think outside the box!" The camera challenge was fun and inventive, HAPPY THING I FOUND IT! A tutorial at least tells you where the "challenges" are. This is useless, clunky, and unhelpful. God help anyone who had no experience! Thank you.
  2. Ahhhh....thanks, but you see, I played SL about a decade ago and it's not the nature of SL that I need help with. What I need help with specifically was this "new user quest", which gives almost no direction. New player tutorials are usually easy-to-do tasks with well explained steps that teach someone about the game. I dunno who designed the tutorial as it is, but it doesn't really fit the definition of one in my book. You have to go to an area for the "quest tracker" thing to update (it doesn't suggest places to go), and while it teaches a couple of things about gameplay (such as buying something with $L and basic movement, it's just too confusing to be of any use to anyone. So the "bonus Lindens" you get for finishing the "tutorial" (read: confusing system seemingly designed to confuse rather than to educate) aren't even real Lindens? Well then. I'll remove the item or whatever that shows you the "tutorial" windows and be off. Thanks for your "help"!
  3. Yes but shouldnt it be telling me what the next step is? I see no list of "activities" to do...
  4. Hi, I just started playing the game and was going through the tutorial. At some point the tutorial had me go to Social Island (I think?) And now I have two blue blob widgets on my screen: "Tutorial L$ Balance: 50" and another bubble whose purpose seems to walk me through the tutorial. But the "Next Step" area is blank, and to the left of that it just says "You can repeat tutorial steps if you want yadda yadda". Does anyone know where I need to go to finish the tutorial? I tried transporting to something that sounded correct, but said I cannot TP there. Any help would be useful, thanks! I've added a screenshot. Note that clicking around on the bubble to the left does nothing except minimizing it.
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