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  1. I'm looking for daddy in Second Life. I'm asian young gay seeking a caring and sensual daddy. I want a daddy that is faithful and understanding. Reply to this topic if your are interested or shoot me an IM in-world. Let's get to know each other! Thank you very much! ?
  2. Is it fine to post the same topic in this three sub-forums? I'm still new to forum and thanks in advance!
  3. Ohh thank you for explaining it and now I was enlightened.
  4. I think the first thing you must do is to join Mesh Body Addicts in world because there are people which can really help you in your mesh bodies and heads. When I experienced some problems, someone will eventually reply to your problem and also can help you detect problems you encountered and explain it to you. The members of this group is very helpful and have knowledge about mesh. You can check their blog too http://meshbodyaddicts.com because it contains detailed information everything about mesh.
  5. I think if you want to have a cute avi for females you must look young avi wearing gothic inspired dresses with headdress and bring some stuffed toys. For males, It must look young too wearing suspenders and a cap.
  6. Some of you misunderstood what I'm trying to say. The one I referring to is the build of the sim its plain and simple unlike before the build of the sim is much more livelier and colorful. I am not pointing out to the items sold in the event. I see most of them and i can truly say that some are amazing but others are not.
  7. Why do I have a strong feeling that you might be one of those who put on their most render intense outfit while visiting a crowded, popular fair? Loading optimisation over "creative" deco trinkets. I think we need to accept opinions of others than criticizing it. I live in an democratic country and I know my rights in saying what is appropriate for giving improvements. Well if the design of Hair Fair for you is nice its up to you its fine its your own opinion but each of us have called standards in creativity.
  8. There are few fashion blogs that you can check and browse in Second Life which you can use as a guide if you trying to be fashionable.
  9. I think he or she purposely do that or just wearing a demo product. You can always adjust your hands in edit appearance based on your preferences.
  10. This Hair Fair stores are kinda simple. Its not that creative this year unlike the other previous years. I hope next year will be the same like previous years that is creative.
  11. I love the new avis that released because I'm into fantasy role playing. I hope they release more avis like this!
  12. You can check out for head appliers in TheSkinnery. They have natural asian looks that maybe suit your type.
  13. I'm young asian gay and I want a hot daddy any nationality!!
  14. I'm an aspiring pop singer who loves to sing. I want to earn lindens while i'm having fun. I'm new to music world in second life.I hope someone can help me show my craft in singing and teach me about the application and streams used to perform! Thanks in advance!
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