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  1. Seicher, I am trying for an even tone look on my partner's face and body. His body is Adam Mesh and face is Catwa Daniel.
  2. I am trying to find a good applier for my partners skin and face. His body is Adam and his head is Catwa Daniel. Any suggestions on which is the best applier to buy for him?
  3. I bought the new Maitreya v5x yesterday, because myv4x had stopped working. Anyhow, I was amazed at how much easier the new v5x Maitreya was to set up. Very happy with it. Thanks for guiding me in that direction.
  4. Thank you Sylvia, going there right now to read it.
  5. Ty taisiyakarpenko, I did try that. The old version did not work for me. Sigh.
  6. A skybox, ok thanks, now my next question is how do I put in a skybox?
  7. Lillith it seems as if all the Linden homes are laggy. Can you suggest a place I can go to get dressed that is not laggy? Cindy I did go to the store and ask for redelivery but they sent me the v5.x. Thank you both for your suggestions.
  8. My Maitreya hud has stopped working. I can't get it to hide my skin. Any suggestions on how to fix it. My Maitreya Lara is V4.1
  9. I bought an Esode catwa maitreya skin applier today, first as a demo, and since I really liked how the demo skin looked I bought the applier. Anyhow, I don't know how to remove the Esode/demo words all over my body. Help please.
  10. Yes you did nail it! I love the area my new log cabin is in. Thank you all very much
  11. I was trying on a new outfit yesterday and had to use the Omega applier, which did not work for me. Then I tried using a BOM applier - this action turned my avatar's skin red, except for the head and hands. Then I tried on another outfit from my Outfit Gallery - it was all red too, except for the face and hands. Now all the outfits in my Outfit Gallery are messed up. Help! How do I correct this problem?
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