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  1. Help, I have a white spot over my head and I don't know how to get rid of it. Attached is a snap shot of it
  2. However, now I am worried about the lag. I haven't started decorating yet, and already feel a lot of lag.
  3. I finally got the Victorian home of my dreams. Thank you all so very much
  4. thank y'all, the mermaid are nice, but I just want to swim as a human 😃
  5. My partner, just got a new linden houseboat and put in an add on deck. I tried swimming in the water but just went down to the bottom and walked. When I tried flying , I did not swim, but flew out of the water. How do I get my avi to swim in linden houseboat waters?
  6. I grabbed my Victorian home, this morning. I was really surprised, but pleased
  7. No Marianne, I don't have autorefresh installed. How do you do that?
  8. Thank you Marianne, but I can't let my alt be the premium cause as LulabellsAmour, I am partnered with ErnestAmour, plus all my friends know me as LulabellsAmour. Guess LulabellsAmour will have to be homeless for awhile.
  9. Yes, I am a witness to that. No more paying for an alt to get me my dream home. From now on just a homeless me
  10. omg - - this is hard to believe. My alt abandoned a Victorian home. but by the time I logged back on as LulabellsAmour the Victorian home was gone Goodbye alt. Did me not good to have an alt acct willl just have to remain LulabellsAmou till a Victorian home becomes available again
  11. Thank you all for your helpful replies. My alt finally got in and all I did was change computer.
  12. Problem is my alt can not operate the control panel, and she can't get out the door, so not able to use the mailbox
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