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  1. Come join us at the True Gem Wellness Center for a fun and relaxing hour of playing with Zentangles! This activity is a great way to relieve stress, meditate, and brainstorm for other art projects. This is the debut of a weekly group taking place on Saturdays at 3:00PM SLT! Come check out the center, make some friends, and share your art with a welcoming and supportive group of second lifers, it's totally free and all you need is some paper and a pen! Here's your taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Deneb/42/70/27
  2. Hello! I'm Indi, always looking for friends and and I love helping out new people! I'm also working on setting up a wellness and help center in SL, for people to create support group meetings, workshops, lectures, and so on. I'm in my early 20's and love playing video games too, so if you want, shoot me a message! Full user name is IndigoGem Resident. Ttyl!
  3. Hi there! I'm IndigoGem Resident, and mental wellness is a goal that is near and dear to my heart. I believe that Second Life is an excellent avenue to create virtual support groups, provide a positive community to those who are struggling, and to offer a virtual oasis from the stress and tension that accompanies everyday life. I personally am working on creating the venue for this project, as well as starting an art therapy group for those who are interested. I am in need of like minded people who would like to be involved. I need help building this space and community, and most definitely need people who are interested in leading specific support groups, workshops, discussions, and other therapeutic or wellness centered activities. If you're interested, please IM me or send me a notecard if I'm offline (in case my messages get capped), and I will get back to you ASAP! You can also reply on here and I will IM you inworld later.
  4. Hi Cherry! My partner and I are looking to start roleplaying in SL too, specifically we are going to start exploring fantasy style sims and building our own characters. Maybe we could all meet up and explore together, see if we can come up with a good story line! I'm always up for making new friends and used to roleplay ALL the time when I was younger. I would be so fun to find a dependable group to hang out with too. Shoot me a PM if you have the time!
  5. Hi, Second Life. I'm just getting started as a live performer, and on my tip board has a button for free gifts. I have no clue what to use for this section, and what sort of permissions I would need from the creator. I have no problem crediting anybody, and I definitely don't want to infringe on somebodies livelihood. I just want to find something cute I can give to my fans so they can feel appreciated, maybe a t shirt or flower? Is there anyone who specializes in this sort of thing? Will I need to just buy multiple copies of something or pay a flat fee for power to copy and giveaway something? Should I just go ahead and try to hire a mesh artist? Anybody know anything about this? Thank you!!!!!
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