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  1. Dropped you a notecard inworld
  2. Add me, I need friends and people to talk to ;(
  3. In the picture shown, the neck sheath IS on.
  4. I don't think Stray Dog makes any classic avatar skins. I would have to double check in world, but pretty sure I didn't see any.. The neck fix hud only helps if you are wearing a Catwa head. Tinting the body didn't help since it's a warm tone, and the classic skin seems more of a cool tone. I have nam's optimal skin on.
  5. OK, settled for the Jake body and the Stray Dog skin.. However, having this issue now... (photo for reference) ..OI.. I really don't want to have to get a mesh head, but would that fix this skin problem? I actually tried really hard to get a skin that "matched", but if it's going to look like, "I got my head cut off and replaced on a different body" then I'll do what I must.
  6. Thanks for the suggestion. Not sure what look I'm going for now--I have a super old Navaro skin on and I don't like the looks of the other ones that they have. So I'm off to shop I guess. I will check out Swallow though and Stray Dog again.
  7. I am almost sad Tableau Vivant doesn't have skins for Omega.. Not sure what happened to L’EtrÊ..looks like the store is getting revamped (in world) and a lot of shapes/skins are gone. Don't even see male ones.
  8. Problem with that is--not..really sure how to use the Omega haha. I have it for my other ava, but I never figured it out.
  9. I'm really liking the new Jake mesh body from Belleza. But, having troubles looking for a skin that will even apply to it. I know Stray Dog is in the process of making some, but haven't seen anywhere else? Looking for some good quality skins.
  10. Crappy pic of me, tired of trying to convince myself today to join the mesh body race. #commitmentissues
  11. Getting back into SL and the RP community.. Looking for some friends to start roleplaying with again, or a potential partner depending on where the story goes. I play a demon (or can also be a dragon) ava. I'm a para/semi-para roleplayer. I have a super lazy (horrible) picture uploaded so you can see what my ava looks like. Far too lazy to get a really good one Note: I prefer to involve myself with people who put an equal amount of time in their avatar's looks as I do. I pride myself in this, and I want someone or friends who would equally do the same. My RP IC personality is quite frankly, hard to love. If you are able to break barriers and get over his flaws, than you are good to go.
  12. What role-play sim are you playing at? Also, "partner" as in friend, or "partner" as in romantic partner?
  13. Darn, my ava is a demon.. once passed off as a dragon. I'm a para/semi-para roleplayer as well. Haven't done it in the longest time and looking to get back into it. Need any friends?
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