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  1. I am very big into the Korean look. I'm half greek and half Korean :-) we should be friends.
  2. Quick question(s): 1. How do you become a resident, I went to Cedar Creek and tried to apply but it said that there was an error, is that another way to apply for citizenship? 2. What are you suppose to do it you don't have any previous work experience in SL can I use RL work experience?
  3. Good Morning (it's 3:40 AM) Peotyre, I will add you when I get online next! :-)
  4. Hey! I didn't know you were looking for a roommate! I might be interested if you are still looking. :-) If you are still needing a roommate can I get a small tour of the place? ~Mwah
  5. Aw! I hope you find your Special Someone ~ Mwah!
  6. I am looking for a family that is a traditional roleplay family. It's always fine and dandy to get-to-know someone in OOC but I'm really wanting a family that tends to focus on their roleplay life inside SL and stays away from reality. People that don't bring the drama of real life into their fictional life and commit to their fictional life as if it was an alternative real life. (Gosh, I hope I'm making sense). My ideal family would: Enjoy spending time together during the holidays and make time to celebrate the various holidays (whichever ones the family celebrates) Realist
  7. Hi Ya! I'm a para-RPer as well, and I do enjoy the modern setting. I would be interested in getting to know you to see if we meld as friends. It has been a while since I've been able to para-RP but I am always up for the task. IC: I am 21, 1/2 Greek 1/2 Korean, and of course I'm a female. Feel free to ask me anything if you'd like to know more. My Make Friends Thread
  8. I have to say, this caught my eye, even though I'm really not into the idea of having two guys...that's one too many but then again I'm not a clingy or needy chic. :-) I hope it's all working out and that the three of you are happy ~ Much Love! small confession: slightly jealous though --teehee *blush*
  9. Its so nice to meet you all (Moraxo, Orwar, and SandraWillow)! Thanks for all the help and advice it's much appreciated. Sandra Willow and Moraxo, I will definitely look you two up next time I am in-world! I cannot wait to meet you both. :-)
  10. I think that she's one of those clingy and needy types that probably don't get much attention in real life (due to whatever) and when someone shows her some kindness or affection she dives into the deep in (so to speak). Do you deserve that retaliation from her? No! She got hurt that you weren't looking to invest time into building a relationship with her so she probably felt like you used her but in my mind, you didn't do anything wrong. I'm not taking sides since there is only the situation from your POV but sometimes we say things during the moment when doing the deed that we don
  11. Hi Keira Moraxo! I'm not an elf-kin (but I do have an Elf character in my Pathfinder group) and I'm not really into cyberpunk for my own style but I do think its awesome, however, I am really into mechas...does that count? I just wanted to greet you! You seem very interesting! I hope that your black market dealings and gang creation work out! -Byes! PS: I will tell one of my friends about the Gang Idea though, I am sure they'll like it!
  12. Thanks, Jameson! I am really happy to hear that you enjoyed reading my little introduction. Do you have any recommendations on which roleplay sim(s) I should start exploring? I am very curious and eager to kick start my SL second life.
  13. Hi Ya! I've tried making friends on here before using strictly my roleplay persona but it doesn't seem like those people were really interested in being friends rather then just having someone to "talk" with and try to convert to their "realm" and a few of them seemed to only want a "sexual" encounter ... and that's not really my scene. I am looking for people to have fun with, get-to-know and definitely roleplay within this virtual world where I am trying to have an alternative life. I will be honest, I am still trying to figure out my style, and what mesh body I want to I still have the star
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