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  1. I think you could really do something with Tarot readings, you could make a freelance business out of it, I would even suggest maybe getting a HUD designed where you can show the cards you pulled in real life, in second life. I havnt heard of anything like this in second life so I think it could be a successful and unique business.
  2. Looking for a clothing rigger, message kawaiiduirii inworld.
  3. Hello! I am seeking a long term store manager position I have managed stores in the past, and my qualifications are, I have knowledge of Google services such as docs and sheets. I have experience managing bloggers and using blogotex. I have experience with events. I also have experience with inworld groups and notices. I can also mesh, I've been meshing in second life for 3 years now, in-case that skill would ever be needed. I've been looking for a long term SL job that involves running a store because it is something I am passionate about and I really love this creative side of SL. Thanks! Kawaiiduirii❤
  4. I have been a mesher in Second life since 2017, I am looking for a long term position, contact me Kawaiiduirii for pricing and info. Here is my Portfolio
  5. I have a few clothing ideas for my store, I can mesh, just cant rig if you can mesh clothing to Belleza, Maitreya and Slink, message me: Kawaiiduirii
  6. Hello! I am a custom mesh creator! I have recently updated my website, check out my portfolio, prices and order form! https://kawaiiduiriicustom.wixsite.com/website?fbclid=IwAR3w2zp8l8rVoFkAIQG-HO8e-XnEX5Pt98rWchxSG7TtvqO2JhkRgzs8fhk
  7. Hello! I am searching for a Blogger Manager position preferably for a store! I have been a blogger in the past, as well as owned my own store, I currently freelance custom mesh But I am looking for a more long term consistent position. If interested please contact (Kawaiiduirii) Inworld. I look forward to hearing from you!
  8. Hello! I am looking for a scripted, animated neon sign logo for my store. Similar to this, <-- that sign was created by Lindsey Warwick, she has since closed her customs, so now I am searching for someone to help give a similar result. I have tried the neon sign generator on market place, I am not fond of it, I am looking for something much more high quality. Please contact Kawaiiduirii inworld if you think you can help. Thanks so much!
  9. Hello! I am a custom mesher and I have recently started doing custom clothing! Please visit my site for info, pricing, the order form and more! https://kawaiiduiriicustom.wixsite.com/website
  10. The owners of .Michi. are now taking custom mesh clothing orders! Fill out the form if interested! https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScFUO0IY0A_lLujgFKGfCFX7ea_0Aufie76tvlRkDnxD6a07A/viewform
  11. my first second life job was hosting, not all clubs are sexual and mature (even tho most are nowadays) hosting is pretty simple if you can send group notices and keep a crowd entertained, but photography as you suggested is a great skill to have and build upon in second life, Ive been a photographer since i joined and there are jobs for that everywhere, such as wedding photographer, if you are or become skilled in photoshop you can work at a studio and make edits of peoples avie, could be a sl magazine photographer, theres plenty of jobs out there for hosting and photography
  12. Hello! I am looking to have a mesh neon sign (maybe more) made for my store We can discuss details in IM Message kawaiiduirii Inworld
  13. (Not my photo) I have always wondered how creators create this extra “fuzzy” layer on mesh clothing, I would love to learn how they do this so that I can try my hand at it. Please if you have any info let me know.
  14. Services: Custom Mesh - Objects, Furniture, Decor, Logos, Accessories See my portfolio & Pricing at the link below https://kawaiiduiriicustom.wixsite.com/website
  15. Services: Custom Mesh - Objects, Furniture, Decor, Logos, Accessories (Rigged & Un-Rigged) See my portfolio & Pricing at the link below https://kawaiiduiriicustom.wixsite.com/website
  16. Services: Custom Mesh - Objects, Furniture, Decor, Logos, Accessories (Rigged & Un-Rigged) Other- Logos, Posters, Photography Contact - Kawaiiduirii Pricing will be discussed
  17. omg i hope u find someone that sounds amazing i love that show
  18. Hey! Im trying to learn mesh clothing, I have the modeling part down, but I need help with rigging and weight painting, I have Avastar and I use blender, if anyone would be willing to teach me what im doing thanks 🤣 (Pay can be discussed if you require as such) -Contact KawaiiDuirii-
  19. kawaiiduirii, im interested in the Media Manager position
  20. welcome to sl! sorry theres people who think they own the forums and are rude for no reason
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