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  1. Couldn't there be an option so the owners of the stores set up themselves what they want their items to be sorted by? Personally I would prefer to have the items to be sorted by the newest and I cant do it.
  2. I wouldn't compare the two. Everybody works hard on their meshes. In my opinion selling something as full perm is only making it easier for the thieves, and that is why the problem is bigger there, but obviously we're not going to agree on that. Since the beginning I have been talking about original meshes that have never been sold as full perm. Problem exists in both areas of course, but since neither, me nor none of my friends sells templates, I won't add any more, I already said what i think about it. Would be great and would make things much easier.
  3. I came across two just this week. Stolen from two well known creators. Two more two months ago. That would be amazing. I'm so very much into it.
  4. Of course it's your right. But doing so you are fully aware there is no way to control it.
  5. What I said in this post was't about full perm templates, but about original meshes that have never been sold as such. What I think about full perm templates I wrote in the next post. I dont think we're going to agree here anyway.
  6. Yes, I realize that. But meshes that have never been full perm templates are relatively easy to recognize. And there, in 99,9% of cases, everything is clear, who is the original creator and who is the thief. If creators and decent costumers will support each other and inform each other about any type of abuse/thievery then there is a change for having some control over it. With full perm templates there is almost no way to have any control, because they don't even need to copybot these meshes, they may just send them between each other and nobody (apart from the creator of the templates) will
  7. You're right, I actually didn't write demos. I take demos to compare the meshes. To makes sure it's really the same mesh. Of course I would never buy it (sic!). Well, sorry to say, since I guess it's what you create, but if you ask me full perm templates should not be allowed to sell in SL at all. Because this is what makes the whole mess. Nobody is able to control that. There are creators who make original meshes and sell them as full perm, as you say, but there are also too many thieves who sell original meshes that have never been sold as full perm, AS full perm.
  8. First of all please read with more comprehension. Secondly I'm not attacking you but discussing things. 1. "major mesh makers that have told me it's too much work to constantly fight copybotter after copybotter, day after day" 2. very good 3. i wrote clearly i take DEMOS to compare, to be 100% sure it's the same mesh. maybe read something twice before you insult someone? 4. no, we are talking about original meshes. not templates. read with more comprehension
  9. I see what your point is. Everybody would want the Linden Lab. to deal with this issue better, in more efficient way, but what can we do? Us talking here won't change a thing. It's the company that needs to realize that it's the creators who keep the SL going and if they won't protect the creators, it will all fall apart. It's very sad to watch, even just few days ago I found a new store with stolen content, two of the creators did send DMCA, these objects are being removed, but as you say, it's endless fight and it should not be like that. But at the same time, talking like 'nobody would both
  10. Believe me, these who are serious with their business -would- bother.
  11. We still need to fight it. No matter how many times they appear - ALWAYS REPORT. I will also always inform original content creators if I see their product stolen, and I think everyone should do the same. Creators should stick together in that matter. This is the only way. And report, report, report as many times as it's needed.
  12. This is absolutely horrible. This person is selling a lot of stolen stuff. Staring from stolen Vista Animations, through Meli Imako items, ending on stolen jewellery from [MANDALA]. It's just painful to watch because everything is so clear, it's all stolen. And I totally agree accounts like this should be closed immediately by Linden Lab. Though all we can do is to notify the real creators when we recognize the items and wait until they file DMCA.
  13. It hit me as well. And it's also about the most popular items (sic!). I managed to bring them back, with advice given above but... seriously.. if Marketplace is unlisting best selling products, can it get any worse?
  14. Yes.. main grid uploads do not work either. Was just checking.
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