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  1. Payment gateway crashed

    nothing in the transaction history, and i had no idea until maintenance until the transaction failed.
  2. Payment gateway crashed

    Order history page is now 404
  3. Payment gateway crashed

    I've opened a support ticket but i doubt ill hear anything. "There was a problem charging your payment method". my ass, they took the payment.
  4. Payment gateway crashed

    Hi, I tried to make a purchase on the marketplace, the order screwed up and i had a warning saying it could not be processed with my payment method (in game lindens). it delivered one item and the other was not delivered and does not appear in my purchased items, but I was charged for it. This doesn't seem to be a problem with the seller its a problem with the MP. it said something about the payment service being down for maintenance and didn't process the order, but it still charged me and 1 item was delivered. " We've taken the Second Life Cashier offline for maintenance. You'll be able to proceed with this purchase when it's back online." So, I'm down 430 lindens now.