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  1. Hentai High has re-opened on the Friantucci sim. It's adult rated land so 18+ avatars please, and we're fairly open as to avatar types. Since there are so many variations of species found in anime and hentai, nearly every type is accepted there. Human (ancient to cyberpunk), neko, furs, robot/cyborg/geno, fantasy, mythical, and so on. The sim is broken in to to 3 main levels... School, city/urban, and occult/spooky, with hidden sub levels. The only real restriction we have for avatars is you must present yourself in a mature (18+) fashion, and keep the size below 3meters if you are playin
  2. Things that irritate me in roleplay... I'd probably have to say rules and assumptions. For the rules part, there is no single set of roleplay rules that everyone should use across all of SL. The roleplay method/"rules" you use may be overly restrictive or totally lacking in what I feel is appropriate. Sim/group owners should set basic guidelines for overall harmony and flow of roleplay, with the caveat of making sure their definition isn't too narrow or broad for whatever genre the roleplay focuses on. If the sim you're on is free style, do which ever style you prefer roleplay, the people
  3. In some instances I do feel as the sim owner there can be some rules that are carved in stone, with no wiggle room at all. As an example, I think it's fine for a sim owner to state, "No firearms allowed for anyone to wear as decorations unless they are officially on the sim police force" if the theme of the sim does not normally involve firearms for the general public, or "No avatars larger than 3 meters in any direction" due to ceiling/space limitations. One thing that makes me chuckle a bit is when players come up with extremely obscure and convoluted explanations as to why they can go well
  4. This has probably been discussed many times, but it would be nice to get the current opinions on the subject. When does limitation of powers and abilities cross the line from being for the good of the group & sim in to being a stifling effect on character creation and development? I know it's obvious to most when a character has been developed specifically to "always win" in any situation, AKA the powergamer mega-munchkin, but I'm more interested in what people have to say about the gray areas where it's starting to cross the lines of what is acceptable for their sim / group, and bala
  5. At Hentai High (HH) if you want to be in character 100% of the time, or just hang out in the coffee house OOC, and anywhere in between, it's all good. HH accepts anyone committed to having casual fun times with a few basic guidelines. Since it is on adult rated land, the account holder and avatar need to be 18+. If you want to engage in adult themed activities, that's entirely up to you on how far you take things. Generally any activities occurring at the school should be considered "in character" roleplay. While on the city or underground levels of the sim, your best option is to observe and
  6. Just a reminder to everyone, Hentai High has re-opened after a restructuring of the staff and a rebuild of the sim on adult rated mainland. The group and sim are anime/hentai themed, we welcome all species, all that we ask is for people to follow the basic Linden Lab rules of no under-***** and general courtesy when interacting with both members and guests. There's a sign posted at the front of the school building that gives the basic group rules. Role play, casual OOC hangout time, it's your choice. There is also a voting machine set up at the school entrance for giving your opinion on i
  7. Hentai High welcomes people both new to roleplay, and the experienced. As the group name suggests, it is an anime & hentai themed sim & group that is on adult rated land. We reopened after a staff restructuring and a total sim rebuild. Currently the school level of the sim is built in a retro style re-creation of the original school from the 2006-2008 era. There are multiple levels to the sim, a school level, a city level, and an underground level.
  8. Hentai High lets you do anything from vanilla clean slice of life style roleplay up to fantasy adult themes, with the main focus being Anime and Hentai based roleplay characters. If it's an anime or hentai stereotype, you can do it there. Combat is limited to sparring/dueling at the dojo, or consensual combat in the underground area. We are not a combat sim, and actively discourage open combat.
  9. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let the SL world know that Hentai High is back under its original ownership, and we have done a retro recreation of our original school from back in the 2007-2009 era. Our focus is casual (up to adult rated) anime and hentai themed roleplay, although being a roleplayer is not required. If you just want to chill & hang out, or let loose with your wild side, everyone is welcome. We are located in Friantucci ( use Hentai High in your places search ) on the mainland in an adult rated half-sim, so LL rules apply... account holders over 18, and your avatars must lo
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