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  1. Hentai High lets you do anything from vanilla clean slice of life style roleplay up to fantasy adult themes, with the main focus being Anime and Hentai based roleplay characters. If it's an anime or hentai stereotype, you can do it there. Combat is limited to sparring/dueling at the dojo, or consensual combat in the underground area. We are not a combat sim, and actively discourage open combat.
  2. Hey everyone, I just wanted to let the SL world know that Hentai High is back under its original ownership, and we have done a retro recreation of our original school from back in the 2007-2009 era. Our focus is casual (up to adult rated) anime and hentai themed roleplay, although being a roleplayer is not required. If you just want to chill & hang out, or let loose with your wild side, everyone is welcome. We are located in Friantucci ( use Hentai High in your places search ) on the mainland in an adult rated half-sim, so LL rules apply... account holders over 18, and your avatars must look and act like adults, get consent. Besides the retro school level of the sim, we also have a city level, and an underground level for people to explore and use. Our motto for this is, "It's time to bring the sexy silly fun back." Human / Furry / Hybrid / Sci-Fi / Mythical / Fantasy / Any Gender / Any Sexual Preference, all are welcome. Pookie Splash
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