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  1. Er...sota... I mentioned several games as reference content that have gone VR to explain point. I also said leave dwelling, which while a laptop can do, the original thread was about tablets & phones. I described a concept based on phone VR technology currently available & many proposed future HUD VR technology. I am sorry you could not mentally picture what I eloquently & redundantly painted. Last point, age of post has no bearing on rest of world searching for answers...it would be like a 30+ yr old parent looking into what toddlers like being irrelevant because adult is not toddler; such is not case if adult wishes to educate child at their level.
  2. FOR MY 2 CENTS WORTH: I personally would rather see them put efforts into VR coding at this point. Simpler games like Pokemon Go & Ingress put lots of thought into mobile technology, convincing gamers to leave dwellings...they are slowly converting more & more to VR to further enhance these experiences. I have a sneaky suspension that a developer that watches the trends would be working on a VR rig, quite possibly with GPS location interaction; no more market place as much as a section of super stores & department stores or malls having SL café where there's a bench or two, a few tables/chairs & you can get versions of what they typically sell for your SL provided a designer/developer offers it. Instead of going to a webpage, you go to walmart location to pick out Monster High baby nursery decor, you stop at the gap for avatar clothes in a size/style your IRL FL self might never wear. Going to location would be optional, but larger chain stores or for a smaller amount non-chain stores could have SL shops through LLT contract agreement & by going to location your total order gets small discount. (LLT wins since they get $ from location to be in SL [say 1% profits/quarter for chains & .25% profits/year for non-chain stores because mom/pop shops can't afford more]; designers of FL stuff will be encouraged to have SL stuff to pair up in people's lives boosting their profits; the store wins because it draws people there much like being a pokemon stop/gym/promo center has done for them; the consumer wins because they get a small discount on things like while at bank the FL currency to £ in SL could be 1% in persons favor either costing less IRL money or getting more in SL, at clothing locations get % off an accessory or a designer bundle more into a box rather than what market place offers, going to say PetsMart lets you get a tag along animal and a farm store lets you get them accessories not found at pet shop as well as some furry gear, (zoo, circus, aquarium, etc animal located in FL could also off such; IE: zoo could offer a human avatar tiger/panda face paint, elephant/dolphin tattoo, or skin/avatar in both furry & full animal of the kinds there cuz hey if Maui can be half demigod & half shark, why not others?). ...just a though & my 2 cents, like everyone else, it's just my opinion...
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