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  1. Hi All, On our private island we have recently encountered an issues where complex rezbox's (the ones used for rezing of homes and skyboxes) are unable to completely rez the objects. Often they are able to rez in the furniture though (if it was a furnished home for that matter) but the walls, floors and structures of the buildings itself do not rezed in. Right clicking the object doesn't force load the structures neither does a viewer re-log. In the attached image below you can see that the furniture and backed textures were unpacked fine while the actual structure of the building w
  2. Good day all, I'm looking for some suggestions to hunt down whats causing our region map to be a solid green/gray color. I had read that certain sim surrounds can cause this and have since then removed it from the sim as a precaution (although the surrounds maker insists that it should not be the cause). That been said it seems it did not help with the issue. I have tried looking for giant mega prim too and that doesn't seem to be the case either. As for scripts ? i have looked and no script is demanding an excessive amount of memory so I'm drawing a blank. If you hav
  3. Silver Dragon Resort Estate | Prices Starting at L$500/week ~~ Welcome! ~~ We'd like to formally announce the opening of a new furry and fur friendly sim the Silver Dragon Resort, A great highly detailed tropical sim with an Asian flair. Come join our community and have fun in the sun, surf and sand. Resort Offerings Sprawling Beaches Club house and events plaza Pools and hot tubs Enjoy the surf with fun inner tubes , (couples and party tubes available) Our short stay bungalows ( private rooms ) Wide selection of rental parcels offering st
  4. Hi! I have gotten myself into land rentals on a private region and I need some assistance or guidance. I have bought a rental system (CasperLet and tried HippoRent too) and as far as I can see prepared the region to the best of my knowledge (subdivided into parcels and so forth) However I have not been able to figure out a why that manages the transfer of land ownership to the tenant automatically and have been doing this manually. So when they initiate the rental though the system they are able to build in the desired parcel automatically rather then having me log in and transf
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