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  1. Hello! I'm on the forum just looking for some new friends..i haven't played in over 8 years and I'm just getting back into the swing of things. Finding people in game can be difficult because there's so much to explore. Contact me in game if you're interested in hanging out. I'm not on all the time because I work irl, but I come on when I can. I'm easy to talk to, and am willing to explore or hang. I'm a simple guy. *Interests: punk rock, metal, psychobilly, forests, nature, astrology, fantasy, medieval, animals (especially German shepherds)* Hope to hear from ya
  2. Hey! Hit me up sometime in game. I'm starting SL again after a few years not playing..looking to meet new people as well.
  3. Hello! I recently downloaded second life again after a 6-7 year hiatus. There is definitely a lot that is different and I'm currently just getting back into the swing of things. I'm just out here on the forum lookin' for people to talk to, role play with, hang out with..whatever strikes your fancy. Personally, I'm a simple guy..27 years old IRL, I'm a punk rocker at heart and listen to all kinds of punk, metal, psychobilly, metal. I'm an astrology nerd..my sun sign is Aquarius, moon in Taurus. I have a dark mind, I love forests, graveyards, cathedrals..anything gothic, steam punk...whatever it is, I'm open minded. Hit me up in game if you wanna talk..maybe you can show me around your favorite spots in SL.. Look forward to meeting you!
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