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  1. i wonder if i can get the 32 bit to work the right way
  2. tried everything but seems only firestorm will work idk how to get my viewer from secondlife.com to work
  3. Hi i seem to be having a problem with the viewer maintenance 31/05/2018 it does the deleting then the extracting then closes like it normally does then tries opening again just to go back to wanting to do maintenance again. its a never ending loop. Just to add ive tried un-installing and re-installing the viewer and its doing the same. if someone can help me fix this id be happy
  4. i am having the same issue that you mentioned
  5. The Crystal Dragon Club is hiring for Dancers,Dj's,Host/Hostess if you are interested please paste this URL:http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Aquincum/79/112/1010 or Send a IM to Sam Ziegler(crazysam sorrowsong) or Amber Fang(StealthLava) for applications. thank you for your time
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