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  1. Its more than just paying rent, the only thing im not giving is EM rights, they'll be getting group rights etc.
  2. Hello, I am looking to start a project with a partner. My main account name is Samanthaprater resident. I tried this a few time's but being on the budget I am , it has folded. i've had former sims swept up from under me, there-fore unless needed for a reason, EM' rights wont get given.If you need to change something I'll do it.I am worried about trusting again. My Co owner must understand that if they attempt to take my project away from me I will walk. they will lose their members, and I will take what is mine. I am tired of being screwed over, and I've had it happen three times.The sim will start off based in Halloween Town...and work its way up to the beasts castle if successful.We can work on the lore together. The Sim is called"Hollows eve'(Name NOT Negotiable. as I've made the group all-ready, as well as the logo.) ( I don't feel like making a new logo AGAIN.) A Big plus if you know how to build, I know basics and have all the items needed. All I ask is if you help pay rent, make sure things stay sane, etc. im sorry if I seem bossy but I know what I want and how I want it to work. p.s if you wake me up at two am with my stuff returned with out an explanation there will be problems. please contact me in-world at Samanthaprater resident, as im on that currently. I know its a tough thing, running a sim, I just want it done right.
  3. Seeking players, new friends,and teammates for a new Megaman sim I am working on.Contact Samanthaprater Resident Inworld, as I often do not pay attention to forums.
  4. I am looking for a sim to help out both Lead wise and financial wise,As I can't run a sim with out partners on my own. I am a Medieval role-player, now some of you might say this isn't how you gain role-play -lead spots, and you're right, but I'd be happy to prove that I can do the spot justice.if your a medieval sim and need a Fae, Dragon, Mermaid, or Elf Lead, I can do either or. Please Message me in IM'S. thank you.Please no Family Sim's or Sci-fi Sims. Modern Fantasy is fine too. I can pay once a week towards help. And no, I'm not buying the lead spot. yes, I understand it must be earned in some-cases. It may seem like i'm buying a lead spot, and truthfully, it is similar. but , I also know like I said, it must be earned, trust must be earned. it'll take time, but we can do this together. If you're looking to start a sim, i'd be happy to join you aslong as its medieval fantasy. I know mostly Elf, and have mostly Elven stuff. I have been role-playing for years,since I was 9 years old, I started as a Cleirc in D&D 's original table top game.Im a down to earth type of person, and friendly, I've been a sim owner, sim manager, sim role-play mentor Samariaa Resident is my Avi CONTACT ME THERE , PLEASE. Catherill'a Caladorion Darenion (Samariaa Resident) Can also contact me on Skype- RavenRoth ( Should have Pocahontas and Jim Hawkins in the profile picture.) Discord- Sian#5094 Have a wonderful afternoon!
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