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  1. used to play a lot, stopped for a few years, and now im returning again ^^ anyone up for some abdl/petplay/ponyplay? hmu :)))
  2. Woa first of all thank you guys for all responding so fast and at all So, the teacher thing wasn't meant in a sexual way, i mean, it could be ofcourse and i'm open to that but i meant it originally in a literall sense. Thanks for the tip on expanding my profile (may i call you Maddy as Talligurl did?)! I didn't realise people really looked at that : p As to using the in-world search and Destination guides, that's the part where I fail. I don't know where to go in-world to meet new people, the places i've been to were not particiullary full or with people taking an interest in a newbie.
  3. Hi! Thanks for reading this, I am currently really new to SL and without knowing anyone before I joined, I find it rather hard to find and meet people who have similiar interests. I am a little/sub and I'm looking for a Daddy/Mommy or ofcourse a Master/Mistress. I don't really know if I can just say that on here in this forum but whatevs. Thanks for reading and if you know a place where I can meet someone or if you want to talk or anything kik me at thekhatz or ingame at puppygirlxx
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